How to best use Red Hood?

I asked about Red Hood in this thread before I maxed her: Red Hood — experience to date?, and didn’t get a ton of responses. Now that I have her maxed, I’m struggling to find a use for her besides war depth and hoping I can get insights from others.

I have a pretty deep 5* team with max (or close to) Aeron, Sartana, Seshat, Delilah, Onatel, Leo, Alasie, Ariel, Magni, Richard, Lianna, Greg, Tarlak, Zeline, GM, Marjana, and Red Hood.

Red Hood’s minions don’t seem to ever fire in time to be useful against Guin tanks (and a purple stack works better anyway). Her attack and healing both seem mediocre, and I have better results using heroes dedicated to one or the other.

So… what am I missing? How is everyone else getting the best use out of Red Hood?

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Imho anzogh is better then her now in a very similar role. I wish her minions had an atk as that would help her.

However I do find her better when stacked with another minion hero since they provide a nice health buffer. I do find her better with zimkitha or other atk buffers. She also works well in war with guardian falcon,

It’s tough to charge her against tanks that drain mana before they fire, since you need a good board for the best case of that.

I combine her and Boldtusk for red stacks. Also with a druid, it mostly helps the druid keep their attacking minion safe. I feel like the attack + HP path would be beneficial for her if you use her on offense.

With Delilah she may be a good pair for her on a war defense team with the health bonus. Make sure you put Red Hood flanking Delilah though, you want Delilah’s minions to get protected by the foxes.

She’s the only healer in the ranger class too, so she comes with me on those class quests.

I have been pairing Red Hood with Queen of Hearts. Both are average red, so they normally charge together. Red’s fox (cast first) cover QoH’s card, keeping the Taunt going for longer. I’v Had a lot of success raiding with those two paired with BT or Ares, plus two others as useful.

But I agree—Red is not my go-to hero under normal circumstances.


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