Red Hood or Queen of Hearts in a defensive team?

Hi folks,

I was lucky enough to pull the Queen of Hearts during the last event, and now I’m wondering who I should use in my defensive team.

Until now, my team was :

Guardian Panther - Red Hood - Guinevere - Lady of the Lake - Jabberwock

Do you think I should replace Red Hood by the Queen of Hearts when she will be maxed ? I’m pretty sure she can be quite annoying, more than Red Hood actually.

QoH is better than RH on def

Quite an obvious decision. QoH is much better overall.

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Yes indeed, but as I’ve got a lot of red heroes to max, I didn’t want to make any mistake. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Well, if you plan to use her on flank position, I would use Red Hood…

Could you explain why you would choose her and not QoH ?

In my honest opinion you are better with QoH in a defence lineup
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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