Queen of hearts and black Knight walk into a bar

Needs some help.

I’ve got a maxed black Knight.
Just drew a queen of hearts.

Any point maxing qoh when I already have bk?

Only other maxed red is grazul.
Other non ascended reds are anzogh, guardian King and jf.

Wat happens if I use both bk and qoh special at the same time?

Can’t help with your query I’m afraid, but last time someone used a thread title like that we ended up with this…

It might divert you while you wait for a helpful answer :blush:

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Hey, got both maxed. If you use them in same team they split specials, better to say both get hit. But QoH can’t stand so much hits as BK.

I would suggest to keep them apart, all do I use them both for raid attacks on Telluria tanks.


Does it help much to hv both against telluria?

Also would u advise levelling both?

Haha. I shall be more careful with the titles next time

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I have BK maxed and just pulled QoH.

She’s become a priority instantly.
Not so much for herself alone - as a standalone taunter, BK is better…
But she should add some really interesting synergies with Puss in my minion team, plus her minions being high attack should make her a doubly useful addition (Freya boost works best on higher damage minions for obvious reasons).

The other thing I’d add…

When you have BK and Wilbur, you can make a deadly team with AoE (G.Kong works great for this, Anzogh would give a more balanced option).

All these hero’s are average mana and ready to fire together, but you want to fire Wilbur and BK, wait two turns (provoking enemies to attack) whilst that beserk ratchets up to +105/125/145% attack and then fire your AoE…
Very little survives this combo - the hits can get up around 1k to all enemies (and that’s without boatloads of emblems on Kong, as obviously BK gets first dibs).

That sounds like a nasty combo!
The only issue is that average takes awhile to charge, and by then one of Wilbur Gk or Bk may be down.

Do u run 2 healers in the other 2 slots?

Yes that makes sense. If I had PiB I would make Qoh a priority too

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So do both get hit for same damage?
Or the damage gets split?

Tks for the replies!

Sometimes… Or a delaying hero to slow the fight out and a cleanser (Locke and Telluria making up the 3-2 works quite well).

Black Knight and Queen of Hearts walk into a bar. Black Knight steals Queen’s booze. Queen orders his hand to be cut off. Knight responds with ‘Tis but a scratch’.

Both are tanks and I think BK is a bit better, so probably you want to save rings to some hero with different role and mechanics.


Unless you’re building a minion team…
QoH + Puss + Freya has some serious synergies going on (Heal over Time, +atk, +def, +minion attack on +30% atk minions, taunt).

Otherwise sure, BK is better and easier to build around… For deep benches, you may still want both.

Hey, they got hit with same damage but as you know BK’s only flash wound is just amazing. Mostly QoH loses here minion card.

Black Knight and Queen of Hearts walk into a bar. The barman orders them both out immediately. “Why don’t you let them in?” asks a bystander. “Ah, those two, they just come in here every night and taunt everybody.”

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I pair does two with Mitsuko, Marjana and costumed Rigard.

Got a lot of videos on my YouTube channel. This one was to global 2.

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Black knight and queen of hearts dosnt walk into a bar… they facetime and get drunk while online gaming.

Lady Woolerton walks into a baa.

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