Yet another Red 5* to ascend

An old good question: how to spend 6 rings?

I already have Azlar, Marjana and Elena maxed.

Candidates are:
Anzogh 3/70
Khagan 3/59
Queen of Hearts 1/1

I know that there is also an option to wait for a better hero. However, as a not lucky f2p I doubt, I’ll get something better in a reasonable time.

Not sure, though, what I can improve with an extra red 5*.
In defense I have
Marjana, Izarnia+7, Justice+7, Rigard+20, Lianna

Against green titans I use
Boldtusk, Wilbur, Elena, G. Falkon, Wu Kong

Any ideas?

Queen of ‘Hurts’ without a doubt.
She’s poor mans Black Knight.


i would say Queen too, but Anzogh is the perfect one for wizard emblems and if you need a red tank for war. :thinking:


I just put my red decision request into an old one:

Queen of hearts gets my vote.

In my honest opinion, I would ascend Queen of Hearts first and then Anzogh. Good luck

I don’t possess QoH, but Anzogh works very well in stack with Zim and Wilbur or with 2 Falcons or with all of them together, if you prefer mono.

QoH first, got here and Anzogh. She is whole other level from Anzogh.

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