Black Knight, Khagan or Zimkitha?

Hey there all. Who do you think as I just got my 6th ring? Been sitting on these guys for 8-9 months (Black is newer) and not sure who would be the best to ascend. I usually play with rainbow teams. What to ya’all think?

Black Knight imo, particularly if you raid with rainbow.

He can single-handedly protect your entire team and negate most damage to them, while also boosting your team’s attack power. One of the few heroes in the game that simultaneously protects your team, and also boosts your damage output.


BK for sure. He is best tank in the game imo.

Got Guin, Kunch, Aegir also but I only use BK.


Black Knight if you’d use a red tank for your def team.

Zimkitha if you’re set w/ a tank and just want excellent support.

It’s also worth considering who’d be able to get some talents added.

Raiding w/ rainbow teams < Raiding w/ stacks (3-2/4-1)

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Hands down black night. Timing your stunt to take in three aoes specials and seeing him reduce that damage to 1- priceless

Khagan shouldn’t even appear near Black Knight and Zimkitha’s names.
Between Black Knight and Zimkitha I would do the first one:

Zimkitha can save your team from status aliments, Black Knight can soak all of the enemies’ special skills while protecting your heroes from dispels (until his taunt is active) and turning them into killing machines.


I agree with all you said. BK with Ursena is mortal combat style of fight.

This is my team with BK. Zim definitely second, Khagan like way behind.


BK all the way…like others said…eatting an AoE for you team is huge…ive got QoH and she does it a little different but ive got her at 4^50 currently and she eats LiXu special like a snack…doesnt even kill her minion so its still up for another special to get sucked in…colen, azlar, proteus, hel…the list goes on…big plus for BK verses QoH is that he absorbs it either way for 3 turns…QoH is only going to do it with her minion up, but still the point stands that protecting your team from an AoE that blinds, burns, mana reduc, etc is big. Especially if you dont have a cleanser charged up…if you pair them with a cleanser then youve got yourself two options to negate ailments

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Uh, I got here as well. Love for taunters.

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You would love Shrubbear then :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, for sure. Got the little bugger…will do him also :slight_smile:

I use him on defense and offense.

BK in offense is a beast. What are you finally doing?? Defenitly not Khagan


Yeah sorry for that, I was trying to answer to the OP and did to you by mistake. I also use him in off and def. Beast! This avalon event I think ppl is going to go crazy after him.


Hmmm… haven’t seen many players with both maxed … do you find you get good use out of each of them?

As for OP question, BK is a very good hero but so is zim … neither is a bad choice and for me, it would depend on things like… other heroes I have, mana troop level, who I plan to pair with them in raids and things of that such. Good luck.

soon as i saw it i was lmao

Absolutely I used them even in 3-2 war team with Mitsuko. Now days use much more BK then QoH.

QoH I use mostly in war but I like the way BK and QoH overlap each other both taunting if they are in same team. Strange but fun.


Thanks. I have bk maxed and I’ve been considering queen but just wasn’t sure if I’d get use from her (even Bk has sat some wars for me).

I’m assuming you maxed Queen first then BK came out? Would have maxed her after BK if you could have a do over? (Sorry, we can get back to op question haha, just curious is all… gazelle wants Queen to hang out and I’m tempted)

Yes, you’re right I got QoH first then came BK. But still I have no regrets of getting her rings.

Before BK she was really good for me on flank with Kunchen or Guin.

If I had Zim or GM I would consider here after them, but anyway no regards for here. She needs bit of support in form off a healer what BK doesn’t need so this is a bit down side but she has minions.

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BK all day long.

Excellent defence tank and a beast on offense… Either to dig in and sponge up hits, or (with Wilbur) to turn your attackers into monsters.

I use him constantly, really really good hero to use.

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