Who to use my Wizard emblems on?

At the moment I have Onatel at 4/50 (My strongest Holy Hero), Proteus at 4/70 and Kiril and Kashrek both at 3/60. I have the mats to ascend Kiril and Kashrek, so should I keep my emblems for one of Kashrek, Kiril or Onatel, or use them on Proteus now (I’m a big fan)?

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20 Protei for the win


Whichever you use more and also how many emblems do you have.

At the moment I probably use Proteus the most. Onatel is in my defense team however as at the moment she is by far my most powerful hero as she is my only 5* to get ascended to 4th tier. I already have Ariel at 3/60 as a blue healer, as well as Boril 4/70 +5, so probably ruling him out. Not used Kashrek much as he is fairly new to me, but I have Caedmon at 4/70 +7 in my defense team as my green.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. See if this one makes you smile, and if it does, then make it happen.


Full defense/health talent grid at +19… and with my Purple 4* mana troop about to hit 17, he’ll charge in 9 tiles instead of 10… that’s going to be SO awesome! :smiley:


your emblems will go further on a 4* than on a 5* (cheaper to emblem a 4*)

and if you don’t have Hel, it’s Proteus hands down. I took mine to +13 despite having Kiril (I did give Kiril a few, he’s +3). Proteus is squishy and the added defense/ health helps. Kiril is already quite sturdy without much emblem investment

One more vote for proteus. He’s already the best 4* in the game, might as well make him even better. Some chose to work on his weaknesses (defense) but I chose to emphasize his strengths


Hate to resurrect an old topic but I am in a bit of a dilemma on who to use my future wizard emblems on on my alt #2 because I got Kiril early on in that profile and just tonight, pulled Lord Fishface (aka Proteus). In my mind I am like gah! Who is gonna be taken to +15 first?! My main and Alt #1 the answer is already there, Alt #2 is having the hard decision.

I would give it to Kiril.

Alot more versatility since he buffs and heals the whole team.

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In my opinion… Kiril will shave his beard before he gets any Wizard emblems from me. :wink: He’s sturdy enough as he is, and I don’t think he gets enough benefit from emblems.

Meanwhile, Proteus at +19 talent grid and a Lvl 17 Mana troop… priceless at 9 tiles. It’s so nice, I did it twice! (Though I only have one mana troop leveled up… still allows me two war attacks with +19 Proteus!)


There are multiple reasons why Proteus #3 is sitting at 3-60 and not ascended yet; partly because I got Ursena recently and she’s taking all the food… and also because Proteus #2 just ate most/all of the Wizard emblems to get to +19, so I need to restock before leveling up #3:slight_smile:

EDIT: Proteus is like Mnesseus to me… I just keep getting him!

Good gaming!


if u have a tank now i say between pro and ona… if no tank i say kash

I’m giving mine to Victor just not sure if I should stick to the Attack and health path or defense and health. What do you think? He’s in my defense team (flank)


Victor Base stats: 778 / 671 / 1347

That attack is very high, behind only Panther and Kage among the Dark heroes. His defense
is maybe two notches below average and his hit points are about a half tick below average.

I’d go full attack and rely on his very fast mana speed and defense up shield to help with his slightly subpar survivability.

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Even if you have Hel. Proteus is invaluable for challenges

Attack and defense path.

Boost his 2 strongest points.

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I’ve got both Hel and Zeline sitting at +3 on their talent grids. I use both vs. Titans, and both are on their respective 5-stacks for AW and raids. Also have Isarnia and Sartana sitting at 3/70, waiting on mats to ascend, and Jean-François in my Fire queue to start ascending soon. Any preferences on who to give emblems to among this group? I’m a fan of all of them, and I’ve got 200+ wiz emblems burning a hole in my game. More info:

Current 5-stacks

Dark: G. Panther, Kunchen, Ursena, Seshat, Hel
Fire: Tyr, Gravemaker, Mitsuko, Marjana, Boldtusk
Ice: Misandra, Ariel, Vela, Magni, Grimm (sometimes replaced with Miki)
Nature: Lianna, Lady of the Lake, Telluria, Melendor costume, Zeline

No wizards on either of the defenses I use, though I note Zeline is considered an excellent flank for defense, but I tend to use Telluria (+10) or Lady/Lake (+3) as the Nature portions of my rainbow Ds. Any help/recs/advice gratefully accepted.

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@Corwin It comes down to your preference. I have Zeline, Alfrike, Jean-Francois, Guinevere, Sartana, Isarnia and Chameleon. “I” use Zeline a ton in raids, wars, events and tournaments. I don’t use her in my defense “at this time”. Thus, I put my Wizard emblems on Zeline and maxed her out.

I know others that use Jean-Francois instead in similar ways. Others tank with Alfrike or Guinevere. Sartana or Isarnia can be very good support heros for various tanks out there. They put their emblems on their respective heros of choice. I guess all I’m saying is based on your game play it should dictate who you should put emblems on. What is right for me, may not lineup for you.

In your case, Hel or Zeline would make sense and both are A+ graded heros on Razor’s rankings. Nice problem to have. Good luck either way you go or if you split across them both.

Note - Alfrike is next in line for my Wizard emblems.

Hel and always Hel!!!

I have kiril emblemed and I have never regretted that I used my wizard emblems on him. Just offering a different perspective.

Proteus helps everywhere and will make the most use of them, getting him maxed out will help you for a looong time

The others — you’ll likely reset as you face stronger / get more

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