Who to use my Wizard emblems on?

At the moment I have Onatel at 4/50 (My strongest Holy Hero), Proteus at 4/70 and Kiril and Kashrek both at 3/60. I have the mats to ascend Kiril and Kashrek, so should I keep my emblems for one of Kashrek, Kiril or Onatel, or use them on Proteus now (I’m a big fan)?

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20 Protei for the win

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Whichever you use more and also how many emblems do you have.

At the moment I probably use Proteus the most. Onatel is in my defense team however as at the moment she is by far my most powerful hero as she is my only 5* to get ascended to 4th tier. I already have Ariel at 3/60 as a blue healer, as well as Boril 4/70 +5, so probably ruling him out. Not used Kashrek much as he is fairly new to me, but I have Caedmon at 4/70 +7 in my defense team as my green.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. See if this one makes you smile, and if it does, then make it happen.


Full defense/health talent grid at +19… and with my Purple 4* mana troop about to hit 17, he’ll charge in 9 tiles instead of 10… that’s going to be SO awesome! :smiley:


Proteus gets my vote although I gave mine to Hel and Victor.

Onatel if she is your tank or flank on your defense.

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your emblems will go further on a 4* than on a 5* (cheaper to emblem a 4*)

and if you don’t have Hel, it’s Proteus hands down. I took mine to +13 despite having Kiril (I did give Kiril a few, he’s +3). Proteus is squishy and the added defense/ health helps. Kiril is already quite sturdy without much emblem investment

One more vote for proteus. He’s already the best 4* in the game, might as well make him even better. Some chose to work on his weaknesses (defense) but I chose to emphasize his strengths


Hate to resurrect an old topic but I am in a bit of a dilemma on who to use my future wizard emblems on on my alt #2 because I got Kiril early on in that profile and just tonight, pulled Lord Fishface (aka Proteus). In my mind I am like gah! Who is gonna be taken to +15 first?! My main and Alt #1 the answer is already there, Alt #2 is having the hard decision.

I would give it to Kiril.

Alot more versatility since he buffs and heals the whole team.

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In my opinion… Kiril will shave his beard before he gets any Wizard emblems from me. :wink: He’s sturdy enough as he is, and I don’t think he gets enough benefit from emblems.

Meanwhile, Proteus at +19 talent grid and a Lvl 17 Mana troop… priceless at 9 tiles. It’s so nice, I did it twice! (Though I only have one mana troop leveled up… still allows me two war attacks with +19 Proteus!)


There are multiple reasons why Proteus #3 is sitting at 3-60 and not ascended yet; partly because I got Ursena recently and she’s taking all the food… and also because Proteus #2 just ate most/all of the Wizard emblems to get to +19, so I need to restock before leveling up #3:slight_smile:

EDIT: Proteus is like Mnesseus to me… I just keep getting him!

Good gaming!

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if u have a tank now i say between pro and ona… if no tank i say kash

I’m giving mine to Victor just not sure if I should stick to the Attack and health path or defense and health. What do you think? He’s in my defense team (flank)


Victor Base stats: 778 / 671 / 1347

That attack is very high, behind only Panther and Kage among the Dark heroes. His defense
is maybe two notches below average and his hit points are about a half tick below average.

I’d go full attack and rely on his very fast mana speed and defense up shield to help with his slightly subpar survivability.

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Even if you have Hel. Proteus is invaluable for challenges

Attack and defense path.

Boost his 2 strongest points.

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