Kiril or Isarnia for emblems?

Hi everyone,

I decided to go with mostly 4* heroes for emblems first (for 9 of 10 classes). Now my first wave of heroes has reached +20 or is just a few emblems away from doing so.
(Yes, I take them all to +20. I’m too much of a completionist to stop at +18 or +19).

So it’s time to decide on the second wave of “to-be-emblemed-heroes” now, which I did for all classes - except for Wizards. Proteus was the obvious choice for the first Wizard, but I can’t decide for the second one.

I don’t have any of the non-standard 5* Wizards, so the decision is between Kiril and Isarnia. As different as those two might be, my usage of them is actually quite similar:

  • I use them against red Titans
  • I don’t use them against other Titans
  • I use them once in every war
  • I don’t use them in defense teams, neither raid nor war

Pro Kiril:

  • usable in content that is restricted to 4* heroes
  • profits from emblems way faster, since he is 4*
  • my +20 Grimm can replace Isarnia, but Kiril has no replacement when a blue healer is needed

Pro Isarnia:

  • I already have a solid bank of healers (+20 Melendor, +20 Boldtusk, 4-80 Vivica who is also on my list for emblems in the second wave)
  • especially Boldtusk is very similar to Kiril and can replace him whenever a certain color for the healer doesn’t matter
  • as a 5*, emblems will eventually take her beyond 5* level (while 4* heroes “just” reach 5* level with emblems)

What should I do?

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If Isarnia is in your defense/offense A team, then definitely she would benefit the most. If she is not, then atleast give her one node to activate her talents, and then you can emblem Kiril, multiple strong healers are always helpful in wars. :slight_smile:


Isarnia can take out the best from wizard talent, while for Kiril is more just a attack/defence/health matter.

Kiril is an amazing hero, but my vote totally goes to Isarnia.


Oh, I never thought about the Wizard talent. The description leaves so much room for interpretation, that I never understood how this talent acutally works. And Proteus doesn’t trigger it anyways with his skill, so I never bothered reading about it.

Now I read a few threads about the Wizard talent, where players described in detail how it works. I guess it really is a nice bonus to Isarnia’s skill, while it does nothing for Kiril. I take this as the reason to choose Isarnia :slightly_smiling_face:

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