Path of Valor progress sheet

Hi everyone,

I’ve made this google sheet to be able to track my path of valor progress. At first I wanted to track our alliance titans progress, but eventually it developed into a full quests and level progress.

I’ve tried to incorporate as many features as possible while keeping it simple to use. You normally only need to set your current tier and current exp in that tier. For each quest, input the current tier and the current progress (value) you achieved so far.

For the rest, I’ve tried my best to calculate localized values, taking into account the selected timezone. Please understand it is very hard to get exact values, but they should give good enough values within a day.

Here is the link to the google sheet, you will need to make a copy first before you edit it:

Let me know if you find bugs or things to improve, or simply if you find it useful.



Wow :dizzy_face:
Very nice… I already make a copy, and try it… very very useful :muscle:
Thanks :+1: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :coffee:


This is AWESOME. Copied and modified for myself. Will share with alliance. @JaR82 check this out.

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Very interesting. This type of thing is why I love the forum! Reddit gets a bit too samey after a while.


I’ve actually just updated it, the code to show/hide quests was not optimal and I found it was slower since I added that feature.

The new version should be faster, for people who already copied it, I suggest you make a new copy.

Sorry for the inconvenience


@dcendents Still using the sheet, though the older version (it’s not too slow for me and I already had data in it).

I do see that I have yellow on the Tournament and War, though I’ve used all my available War flags and I’m still ahead of required average pace to finish Tournament. What are the criteria that are turning these yellow?

I could have more Tournament battles thus far, but didn’t gem continue this week after an early elimination. I still only have to average 13 battles per week for the remaining weeks, when 15 is the minimum average per week to hit the target.

Just curious about how this works. Updating mine daily and enjoying. Thanks for doing this and publishing it for us! :slight_smile:

@NotEye I actually updated some of the formulas, now I have added a number to the title so you can easily see if you have the latest version.

I suggest you use the latest version and see if it fixes it.

Let me know how it goes, glad it can help other people.

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@dcendents Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.

EDIT: Yes, that is more like it. :slight_smile: Thanks so much.

Grabbed this last week and while it was a bit confusing at first, it’s really useful and an impressive bit of work. Particularly for all being in a spreadsheet. Several people in my alliance are now using and finding it helpful!

A couple of suggestions:

  1. What are the valid time zones? I gave up finding one, and didn’t want to unhide cells to find. Recommend either having it be a drop down, or link the list somewhere visible. (Maybe a field note?)

  2. The legend helps, but if every field you change was in the upper left when you open the sheet was in the upper left it might be easier? I don’t know. This is a hard UI/UX issue, so it may not be worth trying to fix. Perhaps just another sheet with “instructions” or something.

But, seriously, great job. I scrapped my attempts after seeing this.

Thanks @Zathrus for your feedback.

I’ve updated the sheet and made the drop down for the time zones. I’m actually used to work with time zones, I forgot how confusing it can be for most people to know the accepted values.

For the second point, putting all the fields on the left, it would be hard to do. Actually when you select/unselect the quests, I have to hide/unhide the columns. I could not make a good layout where I hide both columns and rows.

I’ll try to think of something to make it more obvious, some kind of tutorial or wizard like form could work, but I don’t know if that is even possible.

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I’m used to TZs as well, but valid values vary between different applications. I tried America’s/New York and a couple other variations before just giving up, as it wasn’t a big deal to me.

Again, thanks for your work on it.

I’ve updated the sheet and added a collapsible section at the top with (I hope) clearer instructions

When I know what are the challenges for the next POV I’ll update it as well, hopefully I can find some reliable info from the beta testers on the forum

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Can we have a copy of POV 3 sheet if it’s ready

In theory, the current sheet can be used with any POV, you simply need to set the start date and select the correct POV quests and you are ready to go.

But it’s likely we will have new quests, so tomorrow when we know for sure I’ll work on them.

Also let’s see if the daily challenges will give 150 exp each and if the exp value per level stays the same.


@dcendents; the main PoV3 has the updated challenges & their tiers if you need them:
🧭 Third Path of Valor (Valour; PoV3) Log and Discussion – Starts Jun 1

Thanks @Guvnor, don’t worry I was already following your thread, also all the information you publish out of the beta to prepare myself as much as I can.

I’ve updated the spreadsheet, but it is not complete yet as the required values for the Defeat Enemies challenge is not known.

I’ll update it as soon as it is confirmed.

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I’ve updated the spreadsheet to make it more compact and hopefully easier to maintain and use.

The link is the same:

As usual I welcome your feedbacks.


The update is great! I had nothing against the old format, but the new format is much cleaner! This is awesome @dcendents! Thanks!

The spreadsheet has been updated with the new challenges:



Thank you! I love your spreadhseet. :slight_smile: tracking my progress is almost as much fun as actually making the progress. :slight_smile:

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