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My alliance is currently battling 10* titans with variable success. We take down 1/2 meaning we never get down to 9*. As Path of Valor is ticking down we are getting nervous. If we skip 2 titan hunts - How many hunts at 9* do we get before we get Another 10*? Better to skip 4 hunts to get down to 8* and be guaranteed of the 7-8 successful hunts we need?

Go merc after a rare.

Sorry, I didn’t understand that?

Feel free to join Buddyland we are 6 titans away from finishing the path! With 15 days to go we should be finished with the path the same time as those that merc’d instead. We beat all 9 and10 stars but can really only beat red 11 stars. Feel free to join!! Anyone reading this can join!

Not helpful :frowning:

The question is - How many successful hunts before the titan rise one level?

It takes two usuccessful ones to drop one level I think

I don’t know the answer tbh i can tell you that it seems random:

Random or not, I haven’t figured out how to predict it with any certainty yet. Sometimes killing them quickly takes us up fast, sometimes it doesn’t. I have 2 questions. Is your alliance full and when you said “1/2” does that mean you miss every other Titan?

In general it takes 3 wins to go up a level or 1 loss to go down. But there’s an element of randomness, so no guarantees.

We’re killing all 9* and some 10*, although 2 players left after last war (without saying why, shrug), so I think 10* are off the table for a bit. Given that at the start of POV we were stuck solidly on 8*, I’m happy.

Currently we are not full, so please join «Norway Lindisfarne793» :smile: We’re 28

We have 7 open spots, 1600 min trophies. I can change it if needed.

We were on pace winning every 2/3 titans but have since had some nice titan wins and only need 6 now with all the time left.

As I understand, it depends in part on how fast Titans are killed (or the last one at least). But there is also a random component to it. In our case, we’re on a 9/10* cycle, and at times we drop from a 10* to a 9*, beat that one and get a 10* again immediately after. Other times it’s multiple 9* before we see another 10*. I haven’t seen any real solid info or math on how this works, if it exists I would love to find out myself.

So there is no guarantee, but if you’re in danger of not hitting the goal the way you’re going, then I would be inclined to let 2 go in a row, encourage people to go merc in that time if you are open to that as an alliance (not during war obviously), and then hope for a longer killing streak… it should help to try to avoid killing them too fast, the first ones especially.


Kill em late (last 2 hrs) and there will be up to 5 of the same tier.

After 4 consecutive kills there will be either a rare (same tier) or tier up.

We didn’t manage to have more of the same tier than 5 in a row, but we only attempted during valor.

This isn’t proven by massive data, it’s just my experience over the last weeks. I never paid attention to that before.

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