Post hero balancing, which wizard 5* hero should I use emblems on Jean-Francois, Guinevere or Isarnia?

I have been using Telluria as both my defensive and offensive tank ever since I have been able to upgrade her talent tree. Post the hero balancing, I’m finding that she is not as useful as a offensive tank in “all” situations. Thus, I need to look to additional tanks to use. I have been waiting to see who I should use my wizard emblems on as a additional tank. I have Jean-Francois at 3/70, Guinevere at 4/80 and Isarnia at 4/80. Which should I focus on next?

Currently, I have Puss in Boots, Joon, Telluria, Azlar, and Grimble as my defensive team. I’m currently working on leveling Gravemaker, Guardian Jackel, Magni, Clarissa and Lianna.

As backups, I have the following 5* heros at 4/80:
Captain Kestrel

These I have as 3/70 waiting ascension material:

I addition to my initial question, I have these hero classes I’m stuck on:

  • I was planning on resetting my emblems on Azlar and putting on Gravemaker once it’s leveled.

  • I was planning on using my Ranger emblems on Lianna over Khagan.

  • Unsure whether I would use my Fighter emblem on Kingston or Magni (or Killhare or Sargasso).

  • Domitia and Puss in Boots have my Rogue emblems. Should I look to reset and use on Captain Kestrel, Marjana or Guardian Jackel?

Thoughts on which I should focus on for ascension material would be greatly appreciated!

Options: Jean, Guin or Issy?

I would say NOT Guinevere as you already have a defensive tank in telluria… No need for two…

So its between Issy & JF IMO.

Regarding your defence team, you will PROBABLY be putting Gravemaker in in the place of Azlar which will reshape your defence somewhat… I would think something like this:
Joon -> Domitia -> Telluria -> Gravemaker -> {x}

What this means for JF vs. Issy is that JF won’t be going on defence I wouldn’t think. Issy could slot in at Right Flank & push GM out to Right Wing & that would be quite an effective defence I would think. Not perfect as Issy isn’t a great flank but rather effective.

Additionally, Issy is a boss on titan teams & killer in raids when you get her firing.

So given that, I would probably give the Wizard Emblems to Isarnia.

Other questions:

I would.

Most definitly

None of them are maxed currently so it’s not really an issue… BUT Killhare would be my pick to slot into the defence I listed above in the place of Domitia

I would give at least +12 or +15 to Guardian Jackal. Then I personally would leave them on whoever will get you the most versatility in terms of who you use most.


Thanks for the quick response! With Killhare -20 defense to all allies, you don’t see moving Killhare in place of Domitia as an issue in my defensive team?

Not really.

Killhare hits really really hard… It’s just a small brief drawback imo.

It’s also a benefit in some ways as it prevents the enemy from casting a “stronger” defence debuff as Killhares is undispellable.

Sounds good! As for the rogue emblems, should I pull from Domitia or Puss in Boots to put on Guardian Jackel? I have been using Boots for healing and the +35% attack for all Heros. But the new custom for Domitia, looks good IF I do ever get it.

All depends on how much and how you use those heroes. If you are using Dom & Puss heaps then no, I wouldn’t pull the emblems but instead just start giving new ones…

If you rarely use a hero then there isn’t much benefit in leaving the emblems on said hero.

I’ll second Isarnia. She’s extremely squishy, but hits incredibly hard. It’s a gamble, using her, so I’d rather emblem her up, simultaneously upping the reward (since she hits even harder) and lowering the risk (since she lives a bit more often).

Ranger: I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was @Halifax who noted that Lianna was a perfectly fine killer as is, no emblems. I don’t know if that was as a follow to Evelyn or no. Point is, if she can perform without emblems it may be smart to see if you can get value out of them on someone else.
There many strong four star candidates: Buddy, Tiburtus, and maybe even Triton.

Rogue: definitely take Jackal up. Beyond that, yes, let usage be your guide.

Lastly, I’m not sure if this post typifies your approach or not, but I’d caution you against resetting too often. It’s awfully resource intensive. I try to plan my own emblems carefully and have only used…I think…two resets, ever. One of those was when, after extensive testing, I found Buddy could perform without any, so I removed his. The other was to conduct a very specific raid experiment for fun - I deliberately deviated from my careful plan for fun for a period and plan to restore things as they were when I’m done.

Also note that if J-f fires his special before Killhare, the - 20% def is instead +42% def. Takes some timing so not optimal on defense but worth knowing.

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Make sense. I use both Puss in Boots and Domitia a lot. So I guess I’ll need to use new emblems on Guardian Jackel. Thx!

That’s good insight regarding Lianna! I already have Buddy and Tiburtis maxed out and use them both in war teams and 4* tournaments.

Based upon the comments on J-F and Guinevere, Isarnia seems to be the logical choice. Unless, a better wizard is coming out soon that may be worth trying to get. Thx!

Jury still out on J-F as I see a number of teams using him on defense and few teams using Killhare. I guess I’ll need to decide between Isarnia and J-F when it’s time to finally decide. Thx!

To caution you, I do NOT have a Lianna. And I don’t know what types of situations you use her in. Point is, if she can get a kill without emblems, there’s no real benefit to beefing up her attack and having her overkill.

I think Halifax has 3 or 4 of them and presumably some / all get used with Evelyn. Evelyn firing first will make Lianna much more likely to generate a kill without emblems.

So I think what I’d say is try Lianna in your normal situations and see if you’re satisfied with her sniping. If so, great, you’re done. If not, emblems are the answer.

Per Lianna, I would use her as a sniper in certain raids, tournaments and on one of my war teams. Good advice. I’ll hold off on using my Ranger emblems for now.

With Killhare being purple, it will be awhile before I have the ascension items to level her beyond 3/70.

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Wow! You’re are absolutely correct about Killhare! In a recent raid, she nearly wiped out my whole team with a single hit! She was only 4/80 with no emblems. I definitely need to work on leveling her and adding her to my defensive team! Great suggestion! Thx!

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@Guvnor For Killhare, is it best to do the attack path or shield path?

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I am going to go full attack path on mine :slight_smile:

Excellent! That works for me!

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