Time to reset Guinevere's Emblems?

I have been debating for a while now about resetting Guinevere’s emblems and moving them. I rarely use her anymore. I looked at what top alliances are doing and raid leaderboards. I am torn on what to do as I hate resetting anyone, but feel Guin is and will no longer be a go to tank if you have other options.

I only use her maybe every 5 or so wars based on what the opposing teams have. Prior to Telly, she was my raid tank. Telly is still my war tank until I can get frigg higher. She is at +8. I am using Ursena as tank as it keeps me in Platinum and also gives me way more revenges to fill my raid chest multiple times a day versus Telly. I tested Guin a few weeks ago at tank again and she did not hold up well. My cups were lower than what Ursena holds by 50-100 cups. Part of the problem with Guin is none of my purples besides Ursena were highly embalmed. I have C-Sartana and Clarissa +8 were not highly emblemed enough and with Ursena in the lineup at +20, I think that did not work either.

For wizards, I have
Guin +20
Alfrike +1
C-Isarnia +1 (use all the time in mono blue and titans)
C-Sartana +3
+400 more emblems

I have thought about removing from Guin and shifting to make Alfrike +19 and put the rest of Cobalt all attack. I have another 400 wizard emblems sitting around I could place elsewhere. I find I do not use hel as in the current meta I run 3 red/2 yellow on attacks with all very fast/fast heros.

Thoughts??? Or do I just keep as is in add the wizard emblems to spread around…

Current defense is Alice +20 Frigg +9 Ursena +20 C-Joon +20 GM+20. War is green tank telly, but is going to change slightly each war based on the new rules.

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-She’s not your tank
-Your alliance isn’t tanking yellow
-You have a couple tank options ahead of her
-You’re not too concerned with niche tournaments where she’d excel
-You don’t need her for events
-You don’t need her for upcoming features (mythic titans)
-Those emblems would improve areas of the game if they were on someone(s) else

Then, I’d say strip them off.


i feel you op… i just reset mine yesterday for cobalt.

it was inevitable.
in your case you have more options than mine… pick the one you use the most

good luck

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Thanks. I’ll have to look into any uses for her as of right now I’m not really using her.

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I would pile them on alfrike gonna be the next best thing and that’s why so many reset emblems are about to strip n change :+1::sunglasses:

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Yeah she has been amazing in very fast tournaments. I see a lot of top alliances using her vs Telly.

Thanks. I prob will as I no longer see a need and rarely use her anymore

@Guvnor. What is your thoughts? Or anything you are seeing in the top alliances outside what we can all see?

Personally, K would move the emblems over to heroes you use more often.

Cobalt, Hel and JF are all great options which pop up fairly often. C-Issy is also awesome, particularly as you use her already. Alfrike is a rush attack tournament and war monster so also good to have in the back pocket.

Overall K think the queen’s reign has ended and we’re going to be seeing green (and telly) tanks for wars for the next while.

Since the nerfs, we’ve faced only 1 tank colour other than green which was blue. Was an OK war but we still won.

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Thanks @Guvnor! I just needed one more opinion to push me to reset. Reset Guin, moved alfrike to +19, will put the rest on cobalt and c-sartana. My purple emblemed is my weakest so I struggle against Guin as tank more than I should. My blue is best strongest, but I love the ninjas.

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I am also thinking to reset her… but Avalon heroes are Stil my favorites and I am running the full 5 star Avalon family as my raid defense to offer some variety for people raiding me, keeps me easily in Diamond as well, but there are so many other options doing the same… I still need some time to reset la grande dame…

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Thanks! My thought was I wasn’t really using her anymore and I have so many awesome wizards! So I reset. I just needed another opinion to help me reset a +20

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