Is it worth spending any more emblems on Guinevere after 17

So defense and hp all the way down at 17 she gets the last +18, from 18/19 and 20 only get 2%mana or healing bonus and +atk x 2, which doesn’t seem matter to a guin tank with a high cost of emblems, looks like I should stop there sounds right?

All subjective. You do what you think is best, that’s half the fun and freedom of this game. If you’ve one all that way, might as well finish the job.

Once I get enough ranger for Seshat, I plan to take her 100%. Play to win? Or just play to play?

Seshat is different, I have her too and will get her to 20 some day she is both on defense and offense team, for guin she is not used for offense 90% times and I don’t know if the +attacks matters to her at all when she basically does no damage

Not really worth it for her given her skillset.

The 18th node for +15 attack isn’t bad cost-wise though. Depends if you use her on offense for support as it’ll be more impactful there.

It’s the 19th and 20th nodes that are really expensive, and generally not worth it for most classes. Guinevere benefits the least from the last 2 nodes too.

Mana boost isn’t great unless you have a specific troop or another support hero boost in mind. That really depends on how you use her and it’s up to you to make that decision.

Healing node is too small to matter. It may be slightly more useful on her than on other wizards given her skill, but even considering that, I still think it’s a waste of emblems.

Better to save your wizard emblems for another hero. Zeline, Onatel, Sartana, or Kiril (even a dupe) are good choices. The upcoming Jean-François HOTM next month is also a good choice if you snag him.


+1 on this @DaveCozy’s suggestion!

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Well if you use her on offense the 2% mana combined with a lvl 17 mana troop would make her fast speed (needing 9 tiles to charge) would it not?

It makes a small difference on defense as well. She might cast slightly faster. Is it worth it? Up to you to decide.

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Mine has been at 17 for months. I started giving them to Anzogh.

Some heroes are very much worth taking to 20 depending on your bench. Lianna jumps to mind first.

If I saw a Guin past 17 today, I would just shake my head. There would be too much to gain by giving those (what 425 emblems?) to another hero. Its the perfect example of diminishing returns.

I think that it’s not worth spending do much emblems
She is a tank and atack is not necessery

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