Guinevere or Telluria


I just got Telluria and very busy leveling her. Now I am wondering if I should replace Guinevere by her once she is maxed. I do already have all the mats and I can take off the emblems from Frida.
One “issue” that I will have is that I will have two green heroes in my DEF team. Kingston has been great so far and by putting Telluria in I might want to replace him for another yellow hero to come to a rainbow team again. I have only Joon and Vivica (with custome) maxed.

What do you think? Thanks for the help

This is my team!

I swapped from my lineup of Alby, Seshat, Guinevere, Gravemaker, Frida to Seshat, Gravemaker, Telluria, Lepus, Poseidon.

Noticed a huge improvement on my defence performance and not finished shifting emblems yet

According to most people on here. Telluria is no more powerful than any other hero. So it doesn’t matter according to them. However, common sense would tell you that she’s very OP and much more valuable than even Guinevere. That’s why all the top teams use Telly now. But don’t listen to me because I get accused of crying that she’s OP.

Do you have emblems on your Joon?

If you want to run rainbow I would probably run:

Seshat - Mitsuko - Telluria - Vela - Joon

For sure put Vela as a flank for Telluria as they are perfect compliments.
But since Kingston resists burn I wouldn’t hesitate to continue running him and having two nature heroes


@JAWS_3D, yes I do have emblems on Joon (12).

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Telluria because unlike Guin, she is also great at offense.


Seshat - Vela - Telluria - Mitsuko - Joon

Here’s your perfect defence imho. Swap Vela with Mitsuko, I don’t think this matters much. Kingston can also remain in the right wing - red stacks are punished by Vela anyways.


That’s only true if you have vela otherwise she’s just like any other good tanks.

Since you have vela I believe you can afford to keep Kingston on your wing next to vela.

In my honest opinion, and given that you also have Vela, yes I would put Telluria in Tank position flanked by Vela.
But I would still run a rainbow defence team which means you need to find a solid holy hero to replace Kingston.
Good luck


You should run Seshat | Vela | Telluria | Mitsuko | Joon

Joon is great honestly, particularly if you have his costume.

Whoops, misunderstood – I think you said you have Vivica costume, but not Joon’s. He is still a great wing though even without. More powerful snipe than Poseidon and Kingston, albeit he is indeed squishier.

Good point there too.

Mitsuko is very good on attack but on defence she is very easy to work around so wht is everyone saying to put mitsuko on the team?

I doubt the attacker will be using blue heroes to attack a Telluria tank anyways, but the targets hit still get their mana reduced by Mitsuko. It’s a good combo with the mana delay from Telluria.

Also OP didn’t provide any other red hero they have, so all our recommendations were based on what we saw. Gravemaker, Black Knight, J.F. or Tyr are arguably better as flanks to Telluria (Mitsuko is good too though for the reasons stated above). No idea whether OP has them though.

I guess you don’t have to do a rainbow defense either, but personally I prefer rainbow defenses myself as it usually means you also deploy your strongest troops, which is why I wrote my recommendation above 3 months as so.