Best emblem path to take?

I just max-leveled my Jean-Francois. He’s my first 5* on the talent grid. I like to play offensively, so I’m inclined to max his attack every chance I get. Is that generally a bad idea for endgame builds? Should I kick back & focus on his durability at least a little more? Is there any common wisdom you have to share?

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what are you using him for, will he be in your defense?

I expect him to be in my war defense team (Flank position beside Telluria) forever. Raid defense, maybe not. My philosophy is that I should keep only enough trophies to stay in my best possible league (Platinum at the moment), and no more. Telluria’s the only other hero I care to mention here. All others will be replaced eventually, and I am an extremely patient long-term planner.

I’m also using him in every attack possible.

I just went down the leaderboard and looked at how they’re boosting theirs. 5 out of 7 had him on flank with max attack.

I think go attack first, to maximise his DOT. Then defense.

If they break thru Telluria before she fires then you’re probably done anyway, if not his DOT will be more devastating

Here’s what I did with my emblems. Going mana with 19.

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My JF will be hitting max level today, and I’m going to start pumping emblems into him. He’ll be my first maxed 5*. But I’ll have to decide which road to go down. Anyone got suggestions? I’m inclined to take Gravemaker’s advice and max his attack so I can burn everything with fire. Think he’d be too flimsy in the endgame if I do that? The wizard path down max attack also boosts between defense and health.

I went defense health route, if he fires twice I get a lot more damage than the extra 10 damage per round he might make from emblems.

With Mana troops he burns hard enough for me and the talents plus blue defense make him sturdy enough that I generally fire at least twice per match (obvious bad board exceptions)

Damage. It will add substantially to his dot, and his defense just isn’t that high to matter. Better off using his ability wisely to get the boost.

That’s the way I’m taking him at least.

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