Poll; Which hero should you always bring against a Titan

I was just wondering…

  • Miki
  • Tarlak
  • Wu Kong
  • Ranvir
  • Gazelle
  • Non of the above

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I always take Gazelle. it’s not just her damage buff that’s handy but she also keeps others alive

(I only have Wu Kong out out of the others though)

The ones you have! :rofl:


Athena being left out makes me sad!

/None of the above it is!


I voted none of the above because it depends on the Titan. I use Gazelle against Purple Titans, Tarlak against Blue Titans, and Miki against the others

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I selected miki, but not against a Unicorn

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Wu Kong is the only one listed here that I have. For every Titan I use 4+Wu Kong.


I use Ranvir cause him and Wu are my only options. Unless it’s a yellow rare then he gets benched

I bring Miki and my Grimm+20 to every titan battle except one–Thunder Unicorn. It’s practically pointless utilizing Ice heroes against a titan that reflects Ice and will quickly dispatch those heroes.

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I use Ranvir against dark, Tarlak against nature and Ice, Miki against the rest.

I went with Miki though I use Ranvir against Purples and Unicorns. I don’t think Wu has made it off the bench in months for anything.

Unless I am reading her ability wrong, it seems Gazelle could be a really bad choice against titans that can 1-shot you.

I always take Wu Kong with me and than one elemental debuffer and a def debuffer! I’ve had luck in getting them. So those are my teams which have done me several favors.

WU +






You see, the yellow titans are the ones I like the least.


dang I wish I had any one of those heroes (and it’s not for lack of trying), but this thread will be helpful when I finally do :+1:


Man! I love Holy titans!

Seshat+7, Sabina+10, Thoth-Amun (4/80), Grimm+20, and Miki (3/70) with minor antidotes to dispel blind ailments and Mana Potions to charge Miki. I love cracking a whip on Holy titans!


But if you see my list… The yellow titans are always my lowest points. Cause of the lack of the elemental debuffer. :sweat_smile: That’s why I don’t like them. :see_no_evil:

You and me both @Mothra!! But I roll with Sartana, Ursena, Hel, Tibs/Wilbur with Miki.

I’ve been recently playing around and I find it Fun to charge up both Wilbur and Miki and let loose with a nice cascade. Doesn’t happen often, but it’s a thing of beauty when it does.


I’d say Miki if you have him. Otherwise whoever you have. Personally I pretty much use Wu/Wilbur on all since that’s who I have. Not always Wilbur on ice titans.

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I use Wilbur+20 a lot…

I have Wu and Tarlak maxed, and use Tarlak exclusively. I don’t have Miki or Gazelle, and I’m still leveling Ranvir, so I cannot speak to their effectiveness yet

Tarlak +

Kunchen-Panther-Khiona-Seshat on yellow titans
Mother North-Evelyn-Gregorion-Kingston on blue titans
Ariel-Frida-Athena-Alasie on red titans
Jackal-Drake-Joon-Poseidon on purple titans. My kingdom for a yellow defense debuff
Falcon-Santa-Marjana-Grazul on blue titans. If I manage to get a second Marjana or another red sniper, I’ll put them in.

Wilbur/Zimkitha is the team that keeps on giving. Titans, raids, wars, they kick butt wherever they go.

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