How do you rate Gazelle as a titan specialist

Hello all,

I’m wondering how Gazelle is effectiv as a titan specialist, especially if we compare to Miki, ranvir or Tarlak.

I didnt do the math but I believe miki is still the king. However miki needs items to run constantly and he does not offer any defensive support, a real concern on higher titan encounter.

Gazelle will not bring same impact in tile damages as everything is caped to 100% but the 50% damage reduction looks like huge.

My view is Gazelle can really help to reduce daily item use while miki is still king against rare titan, what is your view guys ?

The buffs are great, but if she isn’t maxed and you are fighting a solid titan she could be killed while the dance is active and make you lose hp / mana.

Having a Miki or Tarlak I would hold on until she is maxed at least.

Disclaimer : I own neither of these heroes and am still rocking Wu in 90% of my titan teams!

Of course we suppose all heroes are maxed

If you hate RNG, retire Wu Kong and/or Ranvir, and any of Tarlak, Miki and Gazelle are better. No more misses, no stunning because some tiles missed, etc.

Then, between Tarlak, Miki and Gazelle, I go Tarlak on blue titans, Miki on red titans, and Gazelle on purple.

So the question remains on green titans and yellow titans.

Clearly, Gazelle cannot be optimal on yellow titans, so Miki > Tarlak for those.

As for green titans, Miki being blue, is probably not optimal and Gazelle being more robust than Tarlak and blocking the attack down and lowering the titan damage could be better than Tarlak on average.

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I haven’t done so yet but I can add Gazelle to this comparison thread tomorrow (Aussie time so in 12 hours time).


Might make sens that Gazelle is closed to tarlak, a bit higher considering cs, a bit lower if we include another buff attacks.

But how to consider def buff ?

Gazelle has been solid vs dark titans for me and I can see use vs any color. Vs lower level titans I’d likely take ranvir in over her as his upside is bigger and misses don’t hurt as much, vs higher level titans I’ve found her really solid at keeping the team alive … my tile damage does suffer a bit with her (2-3k vs ranvir 4-6k) but my holy team not having a solid defense down plays a part in that I believe. I’ll have to try her vs other titans to see how she fairs there but I’d assume she does well.


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Great read Guvnor, thanks.

Too bad I only have Wu out of all of those :triumph:

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Thank you so much Guvnor! I was lucky to pull her and I am maxing her right now. I actually exected that besides my attack team she will be great against titans (and finally someone better to replace my wuki), but was not sure and was waiting for some analysis/calculations on her usefulness. Thanks again for doing the work, I am now even more happy to have pulled her

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