Miki or Wu

I’ve been using wu for all my titans.
Just pulled miki.

Qn is, for green titans, which is better? Go with wu (more dmg but less accuracy) or miki (half dmg but won’t miss)

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Miki is 130% damage at 8/8 and Wu is 185%.

Miki all day.

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I would go with Miki no doubts.

Your other special skills won’t miss, and your stun opertunities won’t miss either :slight_smile:

Wu is 185% with 32% acuracy, which gives you 126% comparing to Mikis 130% + you always stun the titan + Miki silences the titan + gives your ice team additional mana.
Stats are also for Miki

against titans and event bosses Miki is far better

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Tks for the replies guys
So miki will replace wu on all titans, including green (colour that miki is weak to)

Not to mention Miki can stack with an attack booster like Bold Tusk or Kiril up to 170% attack.

I have Wu Kong maxed and Ranvir maxed.

I would trade both for Miki hands down every day.

Did 50x on guardians and 10x on Atlantis and ■■■■ guy eludes me…

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Wat about dark titans?

Is miki or wu (adds to yellow dmg stack) better?

I’d still take Miki. I hate when you want to stun the titan and one of the tiles misses. When it happens on high level titans, it will likely cost you a hero - and when it does, the impact on lost attack is comparable to having one off stack.

But that said, I would still take Wu beside Miki as he has great attack stat on his own. I am still taking Wu on purple titans even though I rely on Ranvir’s buff. Of course do not do it if you have better attack heroes, and of course do not use his buff.

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When my Miki gets leveled up, I expect that I’ll only use Miki or Tarlak; Ranvir will be consigned to wars. As @Suicide_Bunny notes, losing a tile can mean losing a stun can mean losing a hero (at least when you’re attacking 12* titans).

[Note: Wu Kong is deprecated once you have Ranvir.]

Miki v Tarlak is harder; Miki has a bigger buff, but Tarlak heals. I expect I’ll use Tarlak against blue (where green is strong) and green titans (where blue is weak), and Miki on the others.


The mikki silence is great Also! Many seems to forget that!
I’m glad i have both tarlak and mikki… i prefer mikki just use tarlak for green(except rare) and blue because the tile damage stack!

Miki all day every day over Wu and Ranvir!


Yeah Miki all day.

I think Wu Kong can rest in your bench now. Well almost, he’s still going to be your buddy for most challenge events in Epic tier. :slight_smile:

so I’m pretty new (2 months). I have had basically 1 team colen 3/60, bane 3/50, tyrum 3/50, graymane 3,/50, and belith 3/50. I have had treble luck on all pulls. that changed yesterday!!! On a 10 x in the atlantis summons I pulled kashrek, skittleskull, and Wilbur. I got 2 bonus draws- miki,miki. f’n awesome !! but the problem is I don’t know how to use them. I’m going to level up 1 miki, Wilbur and kashrek asap. I guess my questions start with: would you ever use 2 miki?,would you ever use miki and Wilbur? if so when (both cases). any suggestions on line ups?

You are very early in the game. treasure your Miki but you don’t need him now. In time, when you are ready to fight titans with color stacks (4-5 maxed heroes of the color strong against color of the titan), that is when you may start thinking about working on your Miki. That will be like 4-6 months in the game, depending on how much you play and spend. For now place your focus elsewhere.


thanks, that makes sense. do you have any advise on how to use Wilbur? he seem like a titan character too.

Wilbur will help you to clean levels too as you progress though the map or events/seasonal ladders. He is a very good hero to use that early in the game. Not just titans, although your thinking there is good.

I pulled two miki in a row on atlantis summon. Can’t wait to get Miki on the titan team.

He’s my current ice hero being leveled, I can’t waut to use him against a titan

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