Wu or miki for dark titans

Which one do u guys use against purple titans?

Wu - higher yellow tile damage, but chance to miss
Miki - neutral damage to dark, does not miss. Silences titan

Which is better?

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Here’s my assessment:

Personally I use Miki BECAUSE of the miss… Hate not stunning because of a missed tile


For me, it’s Wu. Because I don’t have Miki. :cry:


I use Miki for all titans except for the rare blue ones.

You have the non-miss, silence, 4 turns, and more durable compared to Wu.

Yes, I use Miki instead of Tarlak vs green titans too. The higher attack %, extra turn and silence works better for 14*.
Tarlak’s hot is not a factor.


that is a good question: I tried both a couple of times., as I asked myself. It is indeed hard to compare directly as boards are different for each attack. I take either Miki or Wu, White Rabbit, Jackal, Inari, 2nd Jackal or Delilah. Overall, I think in mean I get better results with Miki - at least when willing to use some mana pots; and when Wu is drunken during the attack, it can become really bad… Wider relative standard deviation and lower mean for Wu, so I take Miki and some mana. If no mana items, Wu is an option.

edit: we fight 8 or 9 star titans usually, so not in the higher league…

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Actually i use both, since my wu have still some decent attack aswell.
When i wanna go cheap with mana pots, its np to use both really :slight_smile:
When miki is ready to roll, i always prefer his speacial for obvious reasons, after mikis special is out, wu takes his place.
But if you dont care about using mana pots, Miki is more effective, thats for sure.

Tks guys

I guess miki is better is mana pots aren’t an issue

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