Ranvir 3/70 or Miki 4/70 against a purple titan

I’ve Ranvir at 3/70 and Miki 4/70. A purple 10* titan shows up. Usually I use Miki for titans but is Ranvir a better choice because he’s holy ? Four yellow heroes complete the titan team.

Go for Miki. Next best is Gazelle against purple titans.

I’ve her too but not fully maxed yet. I got these heroes before Wu Kong, go figures.

I use Miki against Purple titans. “IF” I did not use Time Stops against titans, I would give Guardian Gazelle to reduce the damage received.

Depends largely on the attack stats (mathematically) of your entire team realistically…

If you post your normal team’s attack stats (and troop allocation; specifically the attack % modifier) it’s easy enough to run the maths.

Generally tho, Miki >>>>> Ranvir; maths: Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle

Watch this link… helps clear up a lot of the negative opinion out there regarding Ran and Wu

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