Who you would use on team 1. And who you would level first?

Hi I am new. Can you help I would like opinion on who you would use on team 1. And who you would level first? Colen or someone else ty.

Belith, Balthasar, Gunnar, Bane, Jahangir as your first group.

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Belith, Balthazar, Valen, Bane, and Jahangir. Do Brienne, Hawkmoon, Gill ra, and Gunnar when you finish the other of their element.

[Talking about Team numbering designation]

Well, actually you can use each team however you like: Map/Quest, Raid and Titan. The system will remember for each.
Personally I use:
Team 1: for the heroes I am currently leveling (faster and easier access - although need more than 1 team actually).
Team 2: Map/Quest
Team 3: Raid
Team 4: Titan
Team 5: Defense (by clicking the Defense button)

And you can rename the team name as well…

Caedmon, Rigard, Valen and Bane and colen


In my honest opinion. You are better levelling 3 x 3* rainbow teams for war etc before you continue levelling any 4*. Why? Because it’s faster and cheaper and the maxed 3* teams will get you the mats to ascend any of your 4*.
My first 3* team would Include:
Gunnar and Jahangir
For your second team I would look at
Brienne and 2nd Bane
Good luck


As you can see, most people on this thread subscribe to the advice that you should max some 3-stars before working on 4-stars, and with good reason. It’s good advice. Just want to reiterate that before I give my suggestions.

First group:

  • Bane
  • Valen
  • Brienne
  • Hawkmoon
  • Balthazar

Second group:

  • Another Bane
  • Belith
  • Gunnar
  • Gill Ra
  • Jahangir

Reasoning: Bane and Valen are two of the best three-star heroes. They hit hard, with fast mana, and add two of the most helpful status ailments (blind and def down). Balthazar is also fast and hits hard. Healers are a must, and generally speaking, Belith is better than Hawkmoon, since she also dispels, but Brienne is also quite good, while Jahangir is niche. You will eventually want both Hawkmoon and Belith maxed, so might as well do Hawkmoon/Brienne first. Brienne further boosts attack, which means even better damage from Bane/Valen/Balthazar.

Even if you draw other three-star yellows, I’d still do a second Bane. He’s that far above the other three-star yellows. Melia is the only one who comes close, but she’s only available from Atlantis. Gunnar’s spirit link is a great help on tough snipers, and his defense is quite high. Kailani is a poor substitute, even though her special skill is the same. Gill-Ra is the only three-star with a cleanse ability; as you already appear to be using Rigard, I don’t have to convince you of the value of this skill. If you can pull Nashgar or Namahage (Atlantis), I would prioritize them ahead of Jahangir.

Ulmer may also be worth a look. He’s slow and squishy, but devastating if he fires. Friar Tuck and Isshtak are OK. Renfeld and Prisca are garbage. Only level them if you need them for class trials.

Check back in a few weeks and let us know how it’s going… and who else you’ve added to your roster.


I’d take the advice of @JGE and @Noble_Weasel. We understand it’s difficult to work on leveling up what you consider inferior heroes while you have some really good 4* sitting there. But the 3* max out fast and don’t take an unfarmable materials.

You will really appreciate this advice when you are able to complete the rare special events and have solid teams for 3* only tournaments. These leveled 3* will help you to begin getting the ascension materials you need for your 4*.

I learned this lesson the hard way. My alliance war attacks were weak, my Titan hits were ridiculously low and I couldn’t complete even 1 level of any of the rare events. Luckily I found these forums quickly and made a drastic course correction.

Good Luck!! Let us know how you are doing in the future and welcome to the forums, there is a huge wealth of knowledge here.

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