Please, help me to decide next red ascension

Hello everyone. With this mount ulmer im finally able to ascend my next red 5☆ hero. I have 3 heroes to decide from. One is a clear candidate but im not sure if shes what im really needing.

The heroes in the pool are

The 4☆ pool is solid.

I like to be agressive when attacking. I always opt for mono red and prioritize tile damage over specials.
Currently raiding with

Jean Francois-Gormek- BT- Lancelot - Falcon

I loved my Scarlett and i used to raid with her in place of Lancelot however i had to strip her (+19) to give the emblems to my Francine.

Any thoughts? I think Elena could perform like my full emblemed Scarlett and help me with Titans too.

Mitsuko is so good but i dont need right now a hard blue counter.

Regarding Garnet, all my alliance mates told me to go for her and that i should replace my JF in defense for her. I have a maxed Grazul who is a worse version of Garner

Things to consider:

Emblems . I have a +18 Ursena so right now im not able to give emblems neither to mits or garnet.

Elena is going to help me against 13☆ titans and i have 1k of emblems ready to her

The correct answer would normally be Mits or Garnet. They are much better heroes than Elena but if Titans is your key focus and you have many more emblems for Elena…she would make sense. The other 2 are better at just about everything than Elena…but she’s a titan’s crusher. Elena isn’t a bad flank on defense either.



Hi chad ! Am i too crazy if i opt for Elena only for a matter of emblems? Her attack goes crazy once emblemed and she will help me in titans, wars(rush), tournaments and doing some Valhalla or Ninja floors too.

Greetings :wink:

No you aren’t at all. Stack her all attack and it wil significantly boost your titan hits. She’ll be great for rush wars and tournmants. The game is making slow heroes a little more relevant.


If you like playing agressive, then Elena would be the one who fits in your game style, although she’s slow.

But I have to say that Garnet is a nightmare and I prefer her healing boost.


I would do Garnet with a second of hesitation for maybe Mitsuko. Based on the priorities you list out, it does seem like Elena is what fits you best. Your point about having 1K emblems might be the tipping point. It would be hard for me to choose Elena+15 emblems over Garnet, but it definitely seems like your answer.


I know, it doesnt sound like the right move, does it?

But its true that i have already Grazul maxed, and more or less what im lacking in my red stack is that kind of “punch”. Elena is so fragile, but even that the attack stat she can get at higher emblem levels is not easily disposable. I like to play that way, to kill fast (you need the tiles lol) if you get a bad board is it really hard to work on it having such squishy heroes like elena

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Mitsuko was my first 5-star red:

She’s ATK + DEF. I love her blue counter, but I use her for mana cut. She works well with Boldtusk +18 and Falcon +18. They all charge at the same time.

That being said, I got Elena late:

She has fewer emblems but hits harder.

Choose the hero you know you want to play.


I can see myself picking Elena pretty much in every instance of the game, and enjoying her a lot. Thanks.

The sad part is that my alliance friends are going to kill me when they hear my decision


Sshhhh, don’t tell them @Lexxtarc. I ascended Noor … and she’s pretty much hated throughout. But I love her. The sparrows make me smile.

Everyone told me to ascend Elena first. I didn’t listen.

I had fun with Noor, and when I got the next set of rings, I gave them to Elena. It all worked out.


I’ve been using Elena for years, and while, yes, she hits hard she is incredibly, sometimes overwhelmingly squishy. She gets destroyed by titan hits and unless the war/tourney is very fast she is dead 75% of the time before there is any chance to use her. I like her, use her all the time, but caveat emptor, my friend. I would use Garnet constantly.


Another vote for Garnet.

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I highly recommend Garnet. I have her at +16 and she is amazing on both offense and defense. I must say though that you make a strong case for Elena in your particular situation and play style. I have her, but never leveled her. I know @Itty swears by Elena, so maybe she can add some additional insight for you. Bottom line, do whatever will make you have the most fun. :grin::+1:t2:


Garnet, and don’t look back.

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I don’t have Garnet and only have Elena and can attest that Elena is a beast on the right team, especially with emblems to boost her attack and give her a chance for revive.

I would say way too many people grade heroes as if they exist in a vacuum and only look at their face value. I like your thinking in terms of where the hero would fit into your team/gaps in your current roster. :slight_smile: Also elena would pair beautifully next to Gormek on your current red team with his high health but low defense for riposte.

That being said I only have one ninja (onyx) and he’s absolutely amazing. I love the charge mechanics for offense and I’m sure garnet would be a game changer too - probably more versatile for war on different teams. So don’t think you would really be going wrong either way. :slightly_smiling_face:

+18 Elena would still scare me more than a garnet without emblems.


Mitsuko’s reflect against blues can’t be overlooked. If you fire her up against a team with a strong blue hitter like Finley, it’s fun to watch him kill himself


I am in the same situation, have mats only for one red 5*. I have c.Azlar, c.Elena, Reuben at 3/60, and TC20 just delivered me Marjana (customes are not ascended). This would be ny first red 5*. I also like aggressive play style, attacking much harder teams (38-40 cup wins or above).
I tend to ascend Reuben instead of Elena, but Marjana made the situation more complicated.
Any thoughts? Thanks

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Garnet, mitz, and then fall back to Elena. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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@Lexxtarc I would go Garnet - Mitsuko - Elena.

That being said, you should stop asking people what you should do and just go with whatever you feel like. People have a different playstyle and they enjoy different things.

Tbh think of your heroes as elements to your relationship with your partener. Would you ask other people what you should do with your relationship? Hopefully not! Because you know your relationship best and only YOU can take the proper action. YOU know what you want and what YOU need.
Or maybe you don’t just yet, but in that case, it’s still better to do a mistake you chose instead of a mistake other people told you.
Cause even if you regret it later, at least you can learn from it. And we always learn best from our own mistakes.
But I don’t think that’s the case, because you seem very happy with Elena. In time you’ll have materials for the rest anyway and you’ll be able to weight your decision.

I hope you do whatever is best for you!

Thaanks itty! If i had to decide only for terms of rating or people preference without doubt i would pick Garnet. If i analyse it a bit i conclude that Elena is what my red roster need.

The doubt is between Elena and Garnet. I have lots of healing options, in red i have grazul and two BT maxed, so the hp boost is really nice but less needing. The aliment block is gamechanger so i dont think it really matters having a maxed grazul, another block aliment is always welcomed.

What pushes me back is Elena squishiness. I imagine her in an agressive line up and she would fit well to my playstyle. When Scarlett was in my team my winrate against tellu was higher. Its true that Scarlett used to fire once or even twice while Elena may be not able to fire not even once.

The good thing is that i have lots of fighter emblem to give to her to make her sturdier. Though 6xxish of defense is not that high.

Is mitsuko ability relevant in terms of damage?


Maybe combined with gormek and falcon


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