Which red to use rings on?

Its my first 5* red.

I dont have a red like Marjana. Is Kelike worth the emblems?

Would go with Elena first as she has the highest tiledamage in red and will improve your titanteam and red stacks.

Best overall in a vacuum would be Mitsuko though.

Mitsuko 100%, no contest.


Mitsuko. Her being average is a plus against all of the other heroes. Additionally, the reflect blue is really good.


One more vote for Mitsuko

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Mitsuko, and it’s not close.

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Mitsuko, no brainer.

The only correct answer is Mitsuko. She will serve you well everywhere and notably with deluge of ice l33t enemy stages in Valhalla.

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As stated above Mitsuko is easily the best in every scenario. Damage, mana reduction, and blue reflect.

If you want a generalist that you could you in multiple different scenarios then i would go with Azlar, rather than Elena. She is squishier than Azlar but they have comparable tile damage. If Azlar lives long enough to fire his special is more devastating than Elena’s.

However, if you’re looking more for Raid/War, then Mitsuko all the way.

Mitsuko will help you game every where. She’s one of the most useful heroes out there.

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Mitsuko. That´s for sure

In my honest opinion, 100% Mitsuko
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Mitsuko! But, Noor is good too( I don’t have her but raid against her) I have mits maxed with emblems and she performs!!

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