I Know, i'm boring but... ascend Elena or wait?

Sometimes i’ve to go back disturbing you with my boring question about ascension.
6th ring is coming in few days, so new doubts crowd my poor mind.
This is my situation:
-3 damascus blade + 4 tome of tactics.
-Inari is my only yellow maxed, i’ve 10 darts waiting for next hotm and (i hope) the new wonderland Rabbit or Joon.
-Miki and Ariel are my only blue, with only one farsight scope, so no blue upcoming project
-Lianna, Hatter, Alberich, Elkanen with buddy are my green team.
-Kunchen, Kage+9, Obakan are my maxed purple. I got Marie-Therese but i’m still holding my 6 tabards 'cause i’m not sure if she worth

My best Red are Santa And Zim both maxed, Boldtusk+19, colen+6+, Scarlet, Kelile (wilbur is still missing :sleepy:).
I have Azlar and Khagan 2/60 and Elena 3/70. I prefered Elena over azlar due she’s warrior and she can take Colen’s emblems and i was sure to ascend her when i get the 6th ring.
But now, with scarcity of AM i’m not still so sure of!

(at this moment i’ve 3 TC20 running, 9 EHT waitning for morlovia and a 10x summon ready for wonderland… but i don’t see Reds i would prefer over Elena)

Any advice?

So unlucky (so to speak), because these are the next reds this year. Zim at Atlantis and Santa in December. So yeah, go with Elena I say.


Thanks scarecrow! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Same boat as you, one more ring gets her fully ascended i can’t wait!

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She has best attack of any red hero so great for green titans and I don’t know how many times she’s saved my butt in a raid with her reflect. I’ve never regretted ascending her.