Please help me build my team :D

These are my heroes:
Green - Kadilen (ascended once), Horghall (lvl 8 no ascension yet)
Blue - Kiril (lvl 36 ascended twice), Boril (lvl 1 no ascension)
Purple - Tiburtus (lvl 14 no ascension), Balthazar (lvl 39 fully ascended)
Red - Boldtusk (lvl 10 no ascension yet), Nashgar (lvl 26 fully ascended)
Yellow - Bane (lvl 50 fully ascended), Gan Ju (lvl 5 no ascension)

I’m still not sure which offense/story team I should use (I currently use Kadilen, Bane, Kiril, Balthazar, Nashgar in that order), or if my titan team (Tiburtus, Bane, Boldtusk, Balthazar, Nashgar in that order) is the best one with what I have.

I understand that Tiburtus and BT are beasts so I will definitely improve them, but I really love my Kiril and I’m not sure I can remove him from the main team.

As for defense, I have Tiburtus, Horghall, Kiril, Bane, Balthazar in that order and I’m also not sure if that’s the best one (I’m trying to capitalize on the difficulty of matching up against a team with more than one dark/holy heroes.

I’m also keeping the Boril and Gan Ju for leveling later so I can have a second team for wars, but I have a feeling I’m also undervaluing my Boril too much.

Please help! :frowning:

if fully ascended (or 3*70 for your 5 stars ), my opnion, from left to right :

TIburtus // kadilen // Horghall // Boldtusk // Kiril

i think it should be a polyvalent team to begin.

When you click on your heroes it will show you their stats (attack/def/health) and obviously their overall. Personally I have my strongest in the middle of my team, this is because he takes longer to kill and protects the winged heroes. I am quite new so it’s basic advice but hope it helps.

I’ll consider that. It’s gonna be very hard to improve both Kadilen and Horghall though. Thanks!

That’s definitely one reason why it’s so hard to decide. There are too many numbers! :smiley: But I will use this advice, thanks!

I completely read your post wrong, apologies

For story you could need AoE attackers (Kadilen is one of that), ATK empowerer, DEF debiffer (Tiburtus is both AoE attacker and DEF debuffer) and a empowering healer as Boldtusk or Kiril.
This will speed up your battles :slight_smile:

Always bring at least one between Boldtusk and Kiril, bring 2 if you have survivability issues.
A hero who decrease defense as Tiburtus is also needed to have good scores, try to get both ATK buff and lowering the DEF of your target while fighting.

Change your team with different titan’s elements to bring more hroes strong against that color and do the same when attacking another player: having more stacked color could gift you a victory against a strong opponent.

You can keep them, they are 3 good heroes!

For now you can focus on one leveled rainbow team while hoarding some good 3* heroes as Bane, Berden and Balthazar as they are cheap to level and do their job.

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Great help, thank you! Yes I might just keep Kiril with the two others or swap when necessary, and just be careful not to overlap the wrong way when I have both Kiril and BT. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks also for the faith in Kadilen. :smiley: She’s only higher than my Horghall because I got her first, and I think I might have focused on Horghall if I got them around the same time. That might have been a bad idea though (I’m not sure of that either haha).

No worries man thanks still

They are not the best 5* green heroes… we can say that they suffer a very high number of must have (but premium) green heroes as Alberich, Gregorion, Tarlak, Zeline (+ another hero coming) and the basic (not premium) Lianna.

I would say that is good to have Kadilen’s party shield on raid attacks but id would not bring her to 4.80 and just let her at 3.70 for situational encounters against snipers.

I agree. I probably won’t bring Kadilen to 4.80 (getting the hang of these shortcuts too thanks!) as I might be able to get someone even better than them both. I’ll probably try to improve Horghall when I get Kadilen to 3.70.

I now have these heroes:

I’m wondering which ones I should keep :thinking:

Keep all your 3* and up at this point.

I’ll consider that, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks, I don’t really sleep, so this game really helps pass the insomnia! Anyway, I’m just now starting to get level 4’s, and I’m wondering, does anyone sacrifice their 3’s? Is there a system for who you sacrifice heroes to once a hero of a type is maxed out? And is there an order for heroes? This game just throws you off the deep end really quickly, I’m used to having a guide of at least some sort! Thanks in advance for any advice y’all have :slight_smile:

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Hi @TitusBear, I’m not an expert either as I’ve only been playing for a couple of months, but I’ve also read a lot and spoke to a lot of the more experienced players here and in my alliance. The consistent wisdom is that 3* should be held onto as much as you can. You would need a good number of them for several reasons like alliance wars and challenge events, which I suggest you take advantage of (for the ascension materials that you can get as prizes, a lot of which you cant farm on the map). Having a strong 3* team, with a smattering of 4* as you keep earning heroes, is probably a good way to approach the early game.

I made so many mistakes in feeding 3* during my early game, only because I got so excited about a new strong summon (like feeding my Valen to Kiril, which I still regret today). Another consistent advice about this is to keep a nice collection of at least 30 heroes, which allows you to have versatility in many situations. When I strove to get this number, a whole lot of those heroes were 3*, and some were terrible. I did end up feeding some really bad ones or duplicates/triplicates, but I tried to maintain that number for a while. As I went on, I actually crossed that number (Im at about 33 or 34 now) and I might just cap it at 35 (war flags can be as many as 6, which means you need 30 heroes, but that’s not to mention the fact that they refresh during a war. I like to stay useful to my alliance so I’m trying my best to keep a healthy list, but as I’ve also upgraded my training camp to past 13 I now have the ability to train rare heroes. The goal is to get it to tc20 so I can then train with a chance for 5*, but with my adherence to this strategy I have enough to enjoy playing the game until I get to that level. :slight_smile:

As for the ranking of heroes, I dont have the link but there is one here that’s in Excel format, with ranking for different situations. Not all heroes are there but it’s still quite helpful.

I would go with

Tiburtus, boldtusk, Li xiu, boril, kadilen

I have the following 3*'s: Lvl 50 Balthazaar, Lvl 50 Isshtak, Lvl 50 Bane, Lvl 50 Valen, Lvl 50 Azar, and a new Carver and Karil. I only have one 4*, but it’s Boldtusk, and it’s REALLY nice to have a guy with a healing move. I don’t really feel like I have much luck with the “Daily Summon”, it’s almost always a 1* troop. :unamused::unamused::unamused:

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Also, thanks for all the info, this game has so much stuff to learn!

Wow! That’s a VERY good lineup of 3* heroes there. And yes, you should be very happy about your only 4*, because he’s actually the best one! :slight_smile: Well, maybe there are other 4* that are great for different situations, but the consensus is that Boldtusk is probably the best 4* healer out there. He’s so good that people have been lobbying for him to be 5* instead (probably those who cant beat him, haha). I have two BTs and one is currently my highest leveled hero, it’s just a bit of a struggle to get the ascension materials for him.

For your current lvl 50 heroes, I would keep growing all except maybe Azar, who will have to give way to BT (please grow BT as fast as you can, you wont regret it). You can keep Carver and Karil as they are both decent 3* (they are B grade according to the hero grading list; I hope youve found that document already). All of your current lvl 50 heroes are excellent by the way, except for Isshtak and Azar - who are still both B grade and are still awesome. I must say you’re doing well for yourself and I’m sure things will just get even better as you keep playing. :slight_smile:

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