I need help building some teams

I want to start being more competitive and participate in raids more often. Can you help me build some teams? I need one for competitive use and one for taking down Titans. And maybe help optimize my War teams? Also do you have any tips for being more competitive and how to optimize my hero usage? Which heroes should I fully ascend first or use emblems on? Sorry if this is too much to ask. I just want to be a better player and be more use to my alliance. Thank you in advance~

The six teams are my current war teams, and the 3* teams are for the tournaments.
My current team/defense team is:
Ranvir/Gretel, Tibirtus, Kiril, Boldtusk, and Hansel.

I’ll try to help you on two areas, which should also help you with prioritizing which heroes you’ll level up next :slight_smile:

You generally want to spend most of your emblems on key heroes. 4*s are good to start with because they’re cheaper to give emblems to while being more useful than 3*s in the long run.

I’d recommend embleming these heroes myself, prioritizing from left to right:

Fighter: Boldtusk (max his survivability)
Barbarian: Gretel, Grimm (defensive path with both to make them less squishy)
Wizard: Proteus, Kiril (defensive path with both since their effects are very much needed to deal damage)
Ranger: Triton, Tiburtus (full attack)
Druid: Caedmon, Melendor (full attack for first, full defense for 2nd)
Sorcerer: Sabina (full defense)
Cleric: Hansel, Rigard (full defense)

Stopping them at +11 is a good choice if you want to start focusing on a 5* afterwards. Otherwise feel free to take them to +18 – most classes, the last 2 nodes aren’t worth the cost.

Since you have Ranvir, I’d advise you to not give Monk emblems to Wu Kong – unless you want him for challenge events.

Rogue and Paladin classes you are a bit lacking on. Cyprian is okay if you want a defense tank. Marjana is your only rogue right now, she’s a good choice if you max her before you get Scarlett or G. Jackal next event.

If you want to take down titans, you’ll need five teams – one for each color of titan.

Holy titans: Rigard, Tiburtus, Proteus, Sabina, Ranvir
Dark titans: Grimm, Gretel, Chao, Li Xiu, Ranvir
Fire titans: Kiril, Grimm, Triton, Rumpel, Ranvir
Nature titans: Boldtusk, Gormek, Colen, Marjana, Ranvir
Ice titans: Grimm, Hansel, Gadeirus, Melendor, Ranvir

You’ll note that each team:

  • has Ranvir – his buff increases your match damage to explosive levels
  • has a defense dropper – a valuable ailment to further increase your damage against titans
  • has mostly heroes of the strong color against the titan – always bring as many as you can to hit the titan harder.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely utilize your advice going forward. :smile:

Very helpful! Do you recommend taking 2 healers when fighting a titan, ala Rigard and Sabina?

Usually no, I prefer taking damage dealers over healers. I’m willing to go with no healers against titans, and bring health potions instead (what I would recommend for the Dark titan team)

The only exception is if those healers help me with damage as well – as is the case with Boldtusk, Kiril, and Rigard (if you have his costume).

But with that said, the dark 4* group is lacking in damage – consider that Sabina has the 4th highest attack stat in that group of heroes (the highest out of all trainable dark 4*s). :neutral_face: I put her there purely because of her attack stat helping with purple match damage.

You could bring Cyprian instead of Rigard for counter-damage, if desired. However for the OP, I’d still recommend leaving Cyprian as last priority to ascend for the current roster of dark heroes – Rigard, Proteus, and Sabina are all much more useful in more situations.


Great advice, thanks Dave!

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