Please advice me on defensive team

How would you build defensive team with this heroes? Imagine they all are on max level.

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This is my current war/raid defence setup

I love using sorrow and she pairs well with furdi.

I may suggest mariol(for healing and owl passive), khagan and Domitia(both toon are strong) and place both next to sorrow as it will gives them an attack up

The lineup i may suggest is mariol - Domitia - sorrow - khagan - furdi.

Or u can consider leafwhisk for defence growth to replace furdi as u have mariol for cleansing…

Thank you for all suggestion.
I love using Sorrow too. Just wasnt sure about Fur as his stats are not the best compared to new heroes.

Mariol - Domitia - Khagan - Fizzcoil - Jana

I would try that.

Select one all 5 elements 5 star full upgrade healing hero and other select 4 hero 5 star full upgrade hero.5 star hero full upgrade 5 elements is good

Ill agree that furdi stats is a bit squishy. But he works well in wing and he charge faster when sorrow spawn her minion. When he is charged, his defence up and shared damage makes him survives a bit better…

Sorry for foreign language speaking but it’s easier for me and person I’m typing to.
Widzę po języku gry, że też jesteś Polakiem, więc jako rodak przychodzę z pomocą!
Poszedł bym w obronę Jana, Imbirka, Khagan w kreskówce, Fizzcoli, Ferrus.
Swoją drogą pisze tu po polsku trochę na nielegalu jednak jeżeli chcesz porozmawiać po polsku zapraszam tu.
Game Well :art:


So many different answers and I have even more trouble choosing my team now. I guess I try all

You weren´t very specific about what you want, so you get a different take on team based on everybody´s own interests/likes/preferences/situation.

A def team can be for raids or toureys (with different tourney effects) or wars (again with different effects) it also matters how low down or high up in the alliance ranking you play.
And that´s just the facts, then you get all the different feelings about what people like and dislike or have trouble with themselves because of their roster or playing abilities etc…