Help/opinions on defense team

Hi there.
So, current I use this team on my Defense

Now I was just wondering if it was a good idea to take out Domithia emblems to put on Marjana and take out Isarnia emblems to put on Victor and make something like this:

In this way, I think I will get a faster team but I really like my C. Domithia and I’m afraid to regret and then have to do to all over again.

What do you all think?

I’d keep it the way you have it. Send all new rogue emblems to Marjana, she’s an upgrade for Khagan. The best way to get better defensive results is to focus more on your troops.


I know troops are important, but I don’t have enough troops to upgrade.
Maybe I’ll start recruit them on HA

Absolutely! As you grow you’ll be swimming in iron. Don’t waste it on the 1 star troops, go for 2 and 3

4 more days and I’ll finish HA8 :raised_hands:
I wish to swim on Iron, cause I’m always low :joy:

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I feel like the second one is better first of all khagan no offense if u like him but he’s pretty bad actually one of the worst 5* heroes so for u to switch him with marjana which is one of the best reds in my opinion is something that’s pretty good and helpful in making ur defense team Better and faster which is important so definitely the second one

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Maybe even put domitia next to victor and joon as tank just giving u ideas ya know

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