Defense team help khiona

I’m having trouble forming my defense team with khiona.

I feel like I can’t bring boldtusk because he doesn’t stack with khiona. That leaves Rigard as my only healer, and I have two purples.

Do I go with two purples and if so what order should I put them in

Interested in defense for raid teams and AW. I wasn’t planning on ascending Khagan cause I’m not a huge fan of him as a hero but I do almost have mats to ascend khagan.

Thanks for help

Sorry used the wrong screen shot. Ignore the first one

Here is whAt I’m possibly thinking

Comp 1 two purple

Comp 2 no healer, khagan


Leave Boldtusk home and solve your double purple problem by making your tank a yellow one :slight_smile:

Thanks!! And you like two debuff with Sonya over bringing Grimm?

Dispels are always good, Sonya is faster than Grimm and I feel like that two fast heroes at the corner could be more handy than a fast and an average one.

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True true. I appreciate your feedback. I will finish up sonya and get her in the game!

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average speed hitters in the corner aren’t great unless their name is Hel. or it’s the difference between a 70 vs 80

Good point. I got the mana generating troop so that made Grimm a little more viable, but I’m glad I started working on Sonya

Thanks for your help! After being one shotted three times on the last war, it has taken them 5 attacks both times I’ve been killed :sunglasses:

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