Help me build my defense team :)

Hello people, I recently build a defense team which seems to be kinda effective : From left to right (little john, Rigard, Kashrek, Li Xiu, Proteus). The main goal of this defense team is to reduce the mana of my opponent so he cant nuke me down and my damage comes primarily from li xiu an little john. My concerns are that if i stay with rigard my defense team will be (from left to right) : Green, Purple, Green, Yellow, Purple, which is double color on defense team and i heard its not a very good idea. Should i replace rigard with kiril or boril or is rigard the best choice in that team. Also if you have any idea for a better replacement in my mana reduction defense team let me know (p.s. I have almost all 4 * heroes but the one which might be the best fit - Gretel, i dont have her…)

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If you have kiril and boril leveled up you should try them, for me i would use kiril and try out the extra defense and attack are really helpful

Kiril might be a better choice but dont worry about doubling colors on your def.
Except if both are next to each other.

I have khiona maxed on defense for example, she has a link that affect purples heroes. It’s a good idea to put another purple (Sartana maxed on my case) to take advantage of the elemental link. But i dont put them next to each other or else it makes attacker job easier.
My def is like this: Joon Khiona Ares Buddy Sartana. It works pretty well.

You have Kashrek, it’s a pretty annoying tank. But i think Boril is more dangerous as his def and hp are very high. And the counterattack is deadly.
My recommandation is to replace the tank by Boril maxed
This will make: green purple blue yellow purple

Boril would be a very good fit as a tank and add blue into your line up. As an alternative use a maxed Boldtusk or a maxed Kiril. Or try Boldtusk and Kiril together

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