Defence teams advice

Hi fellow Players,

I created this thread, because I would like to ask you for some advice about defence teams. I’m not good at noticing synergies between heroes and maybe it is possible to improve my current war defence team:

C.Rigard - Leonidas - Boril - Azlar - Elkanen

Our tank is blue.
Could you help me and tell me if you see a better defence team? Also with other tank colours.

Thank you very much in advance!

My heroes


“Sorvina, are you crazy? You ascended Bertila before Lianna!?”

Well, yes, because I got Lianna quite recently and Bertila was at 3/70 then. Don’t worry, I have enough mats for Lianna too, she will be next.

“Definitely you should strip your epic and rare heroes and give emblems to your legendary heroes, like Marjana or Joon!”

I understand that legendary heroes are more powerful and so on, but I really like my rare and epic heroes more. I want to make them stronger and sturdier, so I don’t want to reset them, please don’t hurt me. :frowning:

Those certainly are some of your top heroes

Elkanen seems like an easy yes here
I don’t get worried about wing healers and don’t feel the need to have a healer. I’d rather use dom.
I find boril to be an exceptionally weak tank whatever his stats might be. I’d rather use your other options, possibly thorne.

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Really? Hm, my Boril has 976 D and 1396 H while Thorne (not fully emblemed) 829 D and 1415 H. I thought about using him as a tank, but when I give him more emblems. Do you think that he is ready now?

Caedmon* - Scarlett - Kiril* - Gullimbursti - Domitia

Kiril* provides high survivability due to heal and attack reduction along with high damage with defense reduction, Gullimbursti after him would help your defenders going above 100% hp, Caedmon* is needed to remove status effects block and negative status effects, Scarlett and Domitia will deliver the killing blows along with Gullimbursti effect.


Maybe Wilbur Gullinbursti Boril Domitia Elkanen? I like the idea of Thorne as a tank, if it is enemy tank :wink:

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Depends if you are thinking about raid defense or war defense.
Raid defense can work without healers quite well.
War defense without healers is an easy target for weaker enemies.

Domitia - Leonidas - Kiril - Marjana - Elkanen

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Rigard-Wilbur-Kiril-Brynhild-Gullinbursti. And wait for timeout :wink:

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Many ideas, all have good and bad sides, but war defense is a bit complicated. You build your defense different for rush, undead horde or status cleanse.

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Yeah he has high stats, I just don’t find him to be a problem. He’s the last hero I focus on when I raidwar against him.

Perhaps your empirical experience shows otherwise.

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Thank you all for suggestions. I’m surprised how many of you think that Kiril is a good tank. I always thought that Boril is better in that role.

In wars I can see that people usually need more than one flag to kill my team. Is it because of my Boril tank or other heroes around him? No idea.

I’m not convinced that Wilbur is a good hero for a defence team. It is easy to flip his defence up to defence down and weaken the whole enemy team.

I think I will try this team:

or this team:

Meanwhile I will try to collect more paladin emblems for my Thorne. Will Thorne be a good tank even if I go attack path?


You are quite right, generally Boril is a better tank. In your case there is an additional factor: Kiril is stronger due to costume bonus, Boril does not have it.

Right, every defense hero can be countered (save Alfrike on rush :wink: ). Wilbur usually works OK on defense, more so if paired with dispeller on his right to remove damage share from enemy. And even attacked by def down special, he still helps to keep tank alive distributing the damage.

My personal experience is that Thorne is an average tank at best. Not very strong def/HP and does nothing more than hit hard. Still, he is 5*, so if emblemed stronger than 4*. Maybe on improved attack wars he makes sense as a tank.

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IMO your best tank would be Bertila when maxed and emblemed. Probably in a team like Sabina (dispel, mainly to remove counterstrike), Grim (def down), Bertila (hitter), Gullinbursti (heal/overheal), Marjana (hitter). Not blue, though.

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I started to work on her, because our previous tank was green and I wanted to have a green tank. The only problem with her is that she’s a fighter class and I always lack of fighter emblems. Would you go def/hp path or att/def path?

im not a fan of slow heroes to be a tank, most acceptable would be average for a tank, unless they have a high level mana troops…. mostly they are dead before they can fire… esp in raids where most of the time the attacker stacks colour against the tank.

why dont you try and put misandra in your war def because youre using blue anyway and she has emblems,

healer tanks are a bit disadvantageous because they can just dump tiles on them…however if they do defense down and attack up its another thing to consider

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Hm, maybe I will try that too. I always thought that she’s too soft, but here is her card:

This time I put Kiril in my def team, next time I can try her. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks.

I agree there are many better tanks, bot not in Sorvina’s roster. Her 5* are mostly offensive.
I don’t have Misandra and never seen her as a tank, but maybe she can be given a chance.
Caedmon Proteus Misandra Gullinbursti Marjana?

Or Domitia as Proteus is unemblemed.

give her a shot mostly in wars there are coordinated tanks, 845 def is not too shabby, we have blue tanks in war before and im using C.kiril, i got rarely one shot…maybe just luck but you can try

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