🎲 [v2] Alchemy Lab FAQ & Discussion

Fair enough, won’t argue with that.

This depends on spending habits and play style. Ham has been a major bottleneck for me, at times, on my main account (on which I spend a good amount), but not even close on my second account. I could use it all up if I really wanted to push with TC19, I guess, but doesn’t seem necessary at all.


So… I’ve just closed off my last TC20 since I have duplicates of all S1 heroes (aside from Richard), and have more multiples of certain heroes which will feed the HA10. Spare food is being stored in AL and spare recruits in TC13.

The benefit of storing food in AL is that you don’t need recruits; however, you do need to have the ingredients. So it really depends on what you have for surplus.

As I mentioned, I use 8B for chance of tornadoes, feeding 5 bombs. Bombs are cheap for me to produce as I have more than enough crafting materials and iron which cost a total of 5x (33.9k iron, Metal Ore (2*), Midnight Root (3*), and Sunspire Feathers (2*)). Only the Midnight Root is the critical ingredient, but I’ve got over 900 of them.

You can store 220k of food for 2 days with the cost of 5x 3 star items, vs 300k of food for 2 days with 100 recruits in TC20.

As for 7B, I’ve got about 1000 of each 3* crafting material, and it only takes 5 of those, 94k food, and 1 day.

Like I said, it all depends on what you have for surplus. But that’s what works for me.


The beauty of Alchemy Lab is you can tailor it to suit your shortages.

Those of us that do event running will do 1A and 2B almost religiously because Mini-mana, mana and axes are heavily used and we run out of the materials to make them. Then you can decide what else you want. I just run 2A as well and use that to just make me mini-mana but you could run any of the others if you have the resources if you want to increase Alkashard turnaround.

And if you don’t run Events and thusly don’t chew through said items like candy you can just use it for Emblems.

But for me this is now an engine to help get me 2 4* mats each event.


pleeease, give us a faster way to fill the lab, idk, repet previously selected formula or something, it takes way to long


Help please:

If I transmute like this:

Will it automatically give me backpacks or any of the 4?

Like this - backpacks only.


Craft List

Both Lab v2.0, and Academy, are designed to get rid of access recruits, iron, food and 1* to 4* ascension items / ingredients / Battle items

To help you decide what to hoard and what to convert:


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Fastest way to produce ashkards, anybody? Which levels of the alchemy lab to run?

10a & 10b plus one of the 9’s

They will produce more shards per hour than any other combo.

But it will cost 300 gems a week.

Thank you so much. Any idea of the sfastest way but gemless?

Both 9’s and an 8. The higher you go the better the shards per hour is


Thanks a ton for you time :star_struck::pray:t2:
Happy 2022.

Would love your feedback about this :blush:


You have some steel nerves to collect this much sharda without using them :smiley:

Here is my two cents for you;

I think you are using AL for just alkashards, while I m using it to produce resources. For example, 2B transmutation which using 1* Battle Items to transmute 2* battle items, is one of the most food friendly transmutation, since it has a chance to give Mana Potion and other useful battle items like axe and banners. Also I have been using TC2 thanks to 3A transformation, since its possible to get backpaks with 100% chance everytime.
Lastly im using 5B transmutation to use my extra battle items coming from 2B transmutation.

I have not been crafting any 2* and 3* battle items thanks to AL so far :slight_smile:

Some photos from my history :slight_smile:

Kith, this is FANTASTIC feedback, thank you SO much for sharing, I love learning from others, I think I will start doing this now :slight_smile:

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You are wellcome man :slight_smile:
Hope it will help your development :love_you_gesture:

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your a very patient man :wink:

that 10% chance seems about right.

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Yes I am and yes it does! :slight_smile:

Since RNG drives everything in this game, hoarding a big quantity might mathematically give hope of 10%
Reality can be a different thing. Seeing the above conversation, I scrolled to get this screen shot of few days back,
I got a Tome & Rings in quick succession…. 2000 shards.

I simply redeem the moment it turns 1000 alkashards.

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Thanks for sharing, that’s AWESOME! What level do you find produces the most Alkashards? Best bang for buck?

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