Which to prioritise - Alchemy Lab or Hero Academy?

Evening all E&P’ers…

My Alchemy Lab is on Level 5 and I churn out around 1000 Alkashards approximately every 6 days, which I use for any ascension materials I need or emblems…

My Hero Academy is on level 6 and I constantly train Rare troops - I also use this to store excess iron in a similar way to TC20 and food

My question is which building should I prioritise? I would say that the biggest issue I have with the game is never enough 5* ascension materials. I have 14 fully maxed 5* heroes and a further 8 at 3/70.

Grateful for any advice from the community.

Grumpy’s Marauders

Alchemy lab until level 5, then HA until 10, then finish off alchemy lab. That is how I have approached mine and my recommendation to anyone else.

The alchemy lab gives you immediate benefits that will start to reap rewards both in terms of alkashards (emblems and mats) as well as key battle items such as mana pots. You will lose out on a lot of opportunity gains if you don’t start utilising it straight away. Building to level 5 allows you to do 2 simultaneous recipes which is a huge gain for relatively little effort

The HA on the other hand does offer very shiny rewards at the end, but it takes a long time to get there and the chances of that reward are slim. The lost opportunity from first building the first few levels of AL instead of HA are very small in the majority of cases. There are other useful levels in HA though - level 3 gets you very fast 2* feeders (although expensive) and 5 or 6 (can’t quite remember) gets you 3* troops which is a good investment of your iron


This will get mixed votes I’m sure. What do you need more in the game? Emblems or troops? I wanted to up my troops quicker so I started with academy, the added bonus of building trainer heroes also awesome. I use Alchemy lab a lot through for the emblems and a possible 4 star MAT. Both are very helpful!


@Homaclese I pushed the button before I had finished my post. Have you got to HA 10 yet? I was wondering how fruitful is level 10 and retraining your Legendary heroes - we all have duplicates we would like to retrain I guess. How about level 8 and training Epic troops - I could certainly do with more of these…is it worth it?

@Chadmo I need 5* mats most in the game and I am not sure if they are available in either building. After that I would like more 4 star troops and the thought of retraining duplicate 5 star heroes also appeals.

I’ve enjoyed it. Done it 7 times and got all season 1, but got a Joon and Vivica that I didn’t have. If your roster is super deep, it’ll frustrate you. But I find it a fair price by not asking for gems.


10B will get you those MAts. But they aren’t free and you don’t get your pick. Every 1000 alkashards I think you have a 5% chance of getting a MAT for a 5 star hero.

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I finished HA10 a week ago, so retrained a Thorne into a Joon. Which is net zero for me as I have no more need of a Joon, but it is nice to have that chance to roll the dice every week. The other training I do in HA is either 3 if I need lots of feeders for levelling a new 5* or HA 6 otherwise so I can churn out 3* troops (I lag behind badly in my troops). I haven’t really tried any other levels.

Alchemy lab I have found extremely useful for me as I like emblems (30/week is not bad) and I have also had one 4* mat come out of it. The other big gain is minor and medium mana pots, which I never have enough of when fighting 14* titans and for challenge events.

Overall for my particular situation I find alchemy lab more useful but based on your requirements it may be the other way around for you - in which case I would say at least build 2 or 3 levels of AL first as that is pretty quick and you will get immediate benefit out of it

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It is a 10% chance of a 4* mat

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Alchemy lab is also a GREAT place to bank Iron.

Even better pal!

20 alrights

My AL is at level 5 currently and I harvest about 1000 Alkashards every 6 days. I have had one 5* ascension mat so far - if its a 10% chance then that feels about right.

You mention mana pots and I have recently run out of roots so cannot manufacture these at the moment. How do you do this in the AL?

Ah I re-read your post after your edit. Apologies for the unecessary information!

I would say if 4* mats are your priority then finish off the alchemy lab, just so you can speed up the chance of getting a mat by 50%. On average that will get you an extra 4* mat every 5 months

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Great topic!

I don’t know that there is an easy answer for roots, other than farming and parcticularly atlantis rising farming.

For my medium pots I use level 3? - the one where you convert 10 of level 1 battle items into a random level 2 battle item. Takes 2 hours, so with 4 different level 2 items I would expect to get 3 mid manas per day

To me alchemy lab does not replace the need to craft in the forge, but it supplements it enough that there shouldn’t (usually) be a shortage


Well I start to build level 10 of Hero Academy in 8 hours.
I first built the Alchemy Lab to levels 5a and 5b and then stopped to focus on HA. As per the advice given in the forum at the time.
So after tomorrow I can go back and start some of the research needed for AL.
I think I only want to focus on gaining emblems so what’s the best way to get them? Can anyone help.

If emblems is your priority, you don’t need HA at 10 right now. Seeing you are able to max them both you are at a fairly high level. Use it to stash iron and pump out 3 star troops.

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