Plan for going from SH15 to SH20

Hi all,

I wanted to get some thoughts on an efficient plan for getting to SH 20 and beyond. By my calculations, it will take a bit over 79 days to get to SH 20 based on all other upgrades that are required, and another 15 or so days for ‘not required but resource-growing upgrades to do before then’.

For background, I’ve been playing for about 2 months or so, have been F2P but did buy the Black Market VIP deal. Currently I have 1 4* (not maxed), 9 3s (maxed) and another 13 3s (not maxed). I have 3 EHTs saved up for the Xmas event and have 2300ish gems.


  1. Currently I’ve been running TC13 to try and get a couple 4s on the way to TC20, however this uses up a good bit more food than TC12 and only gives a small chance for 4s. I don’t have a great feel for food needs at higher levels. Is it worth it in the long run spending the extra 4.7M food trying to get 2-3 4*s before getting the TC20s set up or would it be better to store food in a TC12 until TC20 is online to save on the food costs?

  2. My current thought is getting farms / mines / tower to L15 and then parking them until TC20 is online. Would it be wiser to build up mines / farms / tower / food storage higher before doing that?

Thanks for any help all.

For my F2P alt account, I didn’t research anything after TC 11, and instead focused on getting to TC20. You need to level up your iron storage though to be able to build this, and your houses to hold enough recruits to use TC20.

Btw - Now I have too much food and iron :dizzy_face:. As a F2P account, it’s the build times that are the most annoying.

This may be of interest to you.


Just keep upgrading it. That’s all you can do. Get enough resources and upgrade. Once that’s done, get more resources, upgrade again.

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