Road to TC 20

At TC 15 right now.
I was told 4 to 6 weeks,
I think I can do it in just over 3 weeks.
Are my numbers wrong?
All thoughts are welcome :slight_smile:

Without running through the figures, two builders could cause a discrepency in calculations.

Ballpark it, I’m not looking for exact numbers

1 builder full time on TC, other builder varying between support buildings

Probably the total math includes research to start training, and that’s 1 week more after building. Btw don’t forget how much food you’ll need for that (1330k) so let your food storages around 13-14

@Luiz food storage at 20-15-14-10

All them on 13 is enough I think, maybe just one on 14

just the build time going from 15 to 20 is 15d 6 hours if I count correctly. that’s assuming you are on exactly when the build finishes AND you have the iron ready. FYI you’ll need 1,641,000 iron for tc20. You’ll also need 1,323,000 food to research legendary training and it takes 7days. So that’s bare minimum 22days 6 hours. Then 2 days for the first training to be ready. So bare minimum 24 days 6 hours until your first legendary training pops out, assuming you don’t need to wait for iron or ham or upgrade storages…



So i was not entirely wrong.
I have 2mil food and !mil iron, atm
Support buildings are farms and mines

Im figuring I build them up, while TC is upgrading.

the iron storages take a long time…ifyou need to upgrade start them now

EDIT though if your SH is 20 then you have enough iron storage.

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if ur SH isnt 20 add a couple months of pain

These rush yo TC20 threads always make me wonder what you do with the 4 or 5 star hero that might pop.

Where are you getting to leveling? A TC12 and 19 for banking and producing fodder are necessary, but they are missing in this approach.

May be wrong.

I’m thinking you rush to TC20 'cuz you will need it running for quite a while to actually get the 5* and 4* heroes you want; ~75% of its output is still 3* … Chances are good that you will have quite some time to build that up before you get the hero you want!

As for time to get there, I’m at SH15 as well, and I’ve got a general observation from my build process so far–I find that with 2 builders, I’m usually able to keep them both going, except when I’m trying to save up the iron for a empty-my-storage big purchase, like a stronghold upgrade, I’ve had one builder idle, or even once in a great while, both of them idle.

Did it work this way for you getting to stronghold 15? I haven’t kept a log or anything, but so far I’ve roughly spent half my time with stronghold upgrade going (usually with my second builder working on something else) … and the other half my time doing other upgrades in between; mines, farms, iron storage, and the occasional other building upgrade–all my TCs to 11, a few barracks upgrades, forge upgrades, food storage, most of which is 3~5 levels below my stronghold, except for mines and farms.

If that holds true going forward, 3 weeks for stronghold upgrades and almost double that total looks like 4-6 weeks to me.


I agree.

For me it is worse. Since I won’t waste ascension items or hero XP on okay/ poor/ niche heroes ( looking at you Oberon & Thorne) even when I pull a 4* or 5* hero I might not level them ( Kelile ) because I am waiting/ leveling a better hero for my team’s synergy/ team strategy ( Boldtusk, Gormek, Scarlett ) or have duplicates ( 4x Kelile, 4x Colen, 2x Melendor, 2x Boldtusk ).

Plus Legendary training is all color unlike Elemental summons.

P.S. my wife pulled my favorite 5* purple ( Obakan) from her first legendary training. After running it for 30 days, I got a 5* blue named Thorne .

I got the 2nd builder after Training Camp 20, but I use my food hoard ( elite RT13 / legendary RT20 ) to level Mines/ Watchtower when I don’t have enough iron since they are built with food.

Since I’ve had the 2nd builder my whole game, I’ve been able to spend my food that way, which keeps it busy most of the time.

Having it the whole game is also keeping me from having spare food to hoard so far. 'Tho at SH15, for the first time ever, I went on to SH16 before leveling my farms up to max; I’ve not had food shortages in a week now.

Just as well, I’m still working one TC toward 13 when I feel like I’ve got iron to spare; it is at 12 now, alongside my others at 11. I suppose once I get a TC13 running, and can start a food hoard, I’ll be back at maxing my farms and leveling my watchtower again.

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I started my SH19 upgrade today. All my farms sit at 12 and my mines sit at 15,16,17 and 18 that’s because I hate ideling my builder and when I am waiting on Iron for the expensive Storages or Stronghold I just level those mines. Everybody is telling me that food is so important and you have to upgrade them with your strongholdlevel - for me thats not true so far. I most of the time have too much food (because of that my Watchtower is also at level 14 already) and I have my 3 camps constantly running (1 at tc 11 permanently, 1 at tc11/2/1 depending on what I need and how many backpacks I have and 1 at 13/11 depending on if I have to store food in tc13 in order to not lose it due my full storage or 11 if I need feeder heroes. I also level all my troops whenever possible and still am high on ham most of the time. That said you got to know that I dont have any 5* Hero leveling at the moment because I only have 2 (Horghall and Aeron sitting at 2/60) which I’m not going to ascend anytime soon because I dont have the mats and I dont really like them either. And leveling 4* for sure is cheaper than 5* Heroes.

Nonetheless my priority for SH20 is not the TC20, it’s the fourth Trainingcamp I want badly and the tc19 to level my heroes faster with not so much recruit input.

I think after I hit SH20 I am going to level 1 Trainingcamp at a time and at the same time my farms up step by step and the housing and food storage for sure that needs still alot improvement on my base haha - Recruits just sit at 74 storage (just enough to start and cancle tc13) and my hamstorage is around 770k ham.

I am doing all this with 2 builders for nearly 2 months now (my second vip-pass is running out in 4 days - the first couple of weeks, I dont know for how long to be honest, I played with one builder and now for nearly 2 months straight with 2 builders. So I’d say If you execute it perfectly (I for sure did a lot of mistakes in the early stages of the game) you can get SH20 in less than 3 months of playing with vip pass. Without its going to take I’d say roughly the doubled time?

Just wanted to share my approach


I was in the same place as you regarding food, until I started levelling 5* heroes. That’s when the supply seems to dry up. I never seem to have enough to do everything I want to at once.


TC12 is the food hoard site. Level second TC to 19 if you have heroes.

TC13 is to hoard food isn’t it?