Rushing TC 1-20 - How fast can you really get there?

Hello There!

So, today’s officially been a month since I started playing Empires & Puzzles…

After playing through the Tutorial I immediately went out to get more information as to how to play and how to progress best in the game.
I did extensive research and found a ton of helpful stuff out there.

Now, pretty much from day 3 or 4 I decided to get VIP for that second builder. Other than the VIP package I don’t intend on spending any more money (so far, so good…) at around that time I also started my journey towards TC 20 asap.

So, after 1 month, how far did I get?

That’s where I’m currently at. SH is on its way to 14 and the Food Storage up to lvl 8.

Up until SH/TC 13 I was only focused on my mines, the mine storages and the SH (as well as the TCs).
At TC 13 I decided to up my food production and level my Watchtower for the increased Iron and Food.

I also decided to first get my food storages up to lvl 12 and upgrade my watchtower whenever I can. That extra food and iron will come I handy, I guess.

I tried to keep both builders running as much as possible, but I did have several days where I just had to wait for the Iron to either continue on the Storages or the SH.

My heroes are still lagging behind. I only just finished maxing Bane a couple of days ago and only feed them whenever I am at max capacity. I truly just focus on my base right now.

Up until a few days ago I kept farming 9-1 pretty much exclusively, until I realized that if you complete the next provinces you get another 5% extra from your watchtower. Now I’m on province 15. I’ll advance once I have a stronger team, as this is as far as I can go for now without risking too much world energy in defeats.

I will probably get another one or two months of VIP to finish up my base.

I will keep this post updated and add in my progress as I go along.

Thought this might interest some of you guys and show how quickly you can realistically get to TC 20 with only spending 10-15 $.

If you have any questions or comments let me know :slight_smile:


Progress Reports:

I’m not sure about waiting times for upgrades, so I can’t tell exactly how fast can you get to SH20.

But regarding your lack of iron. How often do you fill both monsters and heroes chests? Can you fill both once every day?

I’m also in the upgrading process (SH18 and hopefully starting SH19 soon), and I find very necessary to fill chests and win raids in order to get extra iron.

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I started new account when they introduced invites, and started the first TC20 training almost exactly four months later. Didn’t really plan to rush to it at first, I wasted some time with trainig heroes in TC13 and two TC11 for example, but basically I did everything you described, took farms to 9-10 and stop, then collect iron to upgrade SH, then match mines to SH, build storages to be able to upgrade SH and mines etc.
I know I could do it a little faster but when I was reaching SH20 I realized that TC and food storages were a little behind so it took a little over extra 2 weeks to be able to build and research TC20.

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I mostly fill the monster chest twice a day, the raid chest usually takes a little longer and only very rarely gets filled twice in a day, usually just once.

I have a weak raid defense team to keep my cups at around 300-500 in order to win more attacks without having to re-roll.
So that kind of works.

I know @_John_Doe got to TC20 in about 3 months with 2 months of VIP, so I figure I should be able to get there by end of August… We’ll see :smile:

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I did it in 74 days (another 2 weeks to upgrade TC20 and research the legendary training) without ever speeding anything up or spending cash other than for pulls (so no effect on building).

If you are wondering about my other buildings:
Forge - L12 (Minimum to have access to Bombs)
Watchtower - L13 (in the few instances when out of iron)
TCs - 20, 11,13,4 (Had one storing recurits at 11 and food at 13, then started upgrading third one to 20 to finish exactly on time with SH 20.
Food Storages just enough to research TC20
Iron Storage always emough just to upgrade SH
Farms - L11 - never had food shortage (you get way more from chests and attacking etc.)
Mines - L14 - from the moment when buildings started taking more than 12 hours, never had an iron shortage, mines were upgraded as filler
Barracks - L4 - for the sole reason that Barracks take a huge amount of time to upgrade, so they were pushed to after SH20 (and now 21 :smiley: ) - the only building whose underlevelled status actually affected gameplay…

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best is to buy vip when you reach sh 12 -13 (when iron storage is full and you lose iron)
also take advantage not to buy the extension and let vip expire after first month;
why? you get extra 30gems at the endl; also, start 2 buildings just before vip expires; and after one of your builder finishes make sure you have all resources to immediately start building before you buy vip again;

so, 31 days of vip + free builder no2 for a couple of days time in which you can gather resources

check this
so you will plan your builders;

also what you require for tc20 and not to build more than you need to; like houses; storage; etc.
upgrade mines only when you dont hae enough iron for upgrade so you use food instead;

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also i encourage you to cupdrop so you can fill the raid chest faster; and with raidT flags maybe you can do 2 a day (a day from two);
later on, the times to upgrade are so long that you will need to craft so you dont lose iron)

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Thanks for all your helpful info :smile:

I’ve yet to finish reading through all the links you posted, but I was going to wait with the 2nd VIP anyways until my Iron was full again. But good to know that there’re some more gems waiting at the end :grin:

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Alright, little update as to where I stand.

I’m currently building SH 16 (2 days left) and I’m in my second month of VIP.

With the increased iron production I’m currently generating a little less than 800k Iron / day from farming, rewards and mines/WT.

Done some calculations as to how much iron I still need (only accounting for the bare minimum) I should collect that amount within 50 days.

Total of 36’201k Iron for Storages to 18, Food Storages to 12 each, SH & TC 20.
I should be okay building houses during the research phase, so didn’t include them here.

With my current rate I should get there in about 51 days. Assuming I will gather more iron as I level and grow, I should realistically hit TC 20 research within 50 days or so.

Now, calculating all build times I come down to roughly 38 days (with the VIP builder).

So I guess the bottleneck might still be the iron production.
However, as I said before, I hope to advance further in the game and may even upgrade the Tower once or twice if I ever need to wait for iron. My food situation is pretty decent now, and I can afford to run my TC 13 24/7 with a couple trainings cued up.

So, as long as I don’t screw up (or miscalculated something), I guess I will finish around the 3 months mark. If I can rake up my iron gathering I will get there sooner (and I think this should naturally happen …)


The answer is–it depends. I think you’re advancing at a great clip. And the 72 days that Gunslinger did it in is very aggressive. I’m more of a casual but daily player (VIP’d from SH 10). I didn’t fully optimize my time for the SH20/TC20 rush, so I’m just hitting SH20 at 4 months; +4 days for my first TC20.

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I started to play in March (few days before Fables of Grimmforest, which I could not complete, obviously, so in a few days I’ ll come back with a vengeance on that event) and my first TC 20 will be ready in few days. Had VIP almost all time though, and took some down-time to push up resource buildings as high as possible, so most of my mills and mines are at level 17-18 and watchtower is at 15 since I had excess of food. Once all these shenanigans with TC20 end I’ll push Storage buildings higher and Mines and Mills at maximum, along with one other TC. Only then I’ll dart for SH21.


My junior account finished tutorial in 12th May. Tomorrow 10th July castle will be level 18. I would expect first tc20 training within 5-6 weeks from now. I have VIP but I haven’t use diamonds to build faster.

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