What resources are required to train in tc20

Hello experts !

Sh20 is baking now, tc20 to follow. Can someone tell me what resources, ham recruits and anything else is required to train ? I think I’ve read it’s a 2 day train ?
Or point me to a guide- I’m sure there must be one but not found it so far.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

100 recruits, 1 sharpening stone, 297k food, and 2 days.


Awesome- thanks :slight_smile:

Google empires and puzzles r p g wiki for an excellent guide. It isn’t updated for the war but it has all the information you’ll need for the basic questions.

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There is also the research cost for legendary training before you get to do the training that Wharflord detailed above. I believe it’s 1.3 million food or so.


Ah - good point. I’d forgotten that part …

Just looked it up on the wiki - it is 1323k and 7 days to research, boo hoo - id not catered for that, thought I was nearly there :disappointed_relieved:

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The good news is that you only have to do the research once. Your second level 20 training camp doesn’t require the research.

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