Placement of hero's?

Hey all so still relatively new to this game although feels like longer then 4.5 months lol but wondering if I could get any help for my defense/war team here’s two of my strongest setups I’ll also add hero roster again any help would be awesome!

I’d go with Chao-Boldtusk-Cyprian-Wu-Sonya.

Cyprian is your best tank.
Boldtusk should be a left flank.

This is when it becomes difficult:
Chao and Wu are your strongest heroes among the rest. Chao is fast, Wu is average so Chao should be in the corner and Wu should be a flank.
Sonya is a left wing, but in this case she has to be moved to the right wing so as not to have two yellows next to each other.

Also, I see that you have worked on a lot of 5* heroes. You should max at least 10 4* before working on 5* heroes.


Like this:

Sonya - BT - Cyprian - Chao - Melendor

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A few general pointers:

  • A defence that’s too passive is easily beaten… Combining two healers, a riposte and a buffer with only one striker, especially a relatively pillow-fisted sniper (your first team) is too easily beaten, too easy to build attacks for and just doesn’t threaten the attacker with enough punishment if they get it wrong.
  • Healers in wings don’t do enough (the only exception is resurrection hero’s) - they don’t fire early enough to have an effect, you want to use them to shield fragile corner hero’s or not at all.

A riposte tank with two healers flanking can be tough to crack, but you need wings that will really punish the attacker when they fire (ie: it works by making the center very slow to take out whilst slow wings charge up) and you need healers that are tough to kill (which Melendor isn’t).

On building a defence… Firstly, defence shouldn’t be your priority in choosing which hero’s to ascend, so don’t feel bad that there’s no obvious/perfect defence to choose here, you’ve generally ascended hero’s that give you great utility and will stay in regular use long term so you’ve done that right (just need to max hero’s now and resist the temptation to scattergun level!!).

I’d go:
Wu - Sonya - Cyprian - BT - Chao

This keeps the beefiest three in the center with just enough punch to punish an attacker that gets it wrong or gets a bad board.

If you lack the mats to ascend Melendor, direct the green feeders into Chao (yellows into Wu only until maxed)… If you can ascend Mel then do it, but don’t put him on this defence, too squishy and it makes it too passive.
Feed the other hero’s on this team with their own colours.
Don’t feed any other hero’s.


Maybe level some 3* like bane valen belith gilra azar nice rainbow team
Other 3* like gunner bathalzar hawkmoon berden any other yellow you get,
3* make 4* and 4* make 5*

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I would go with Sonja - Boldtusk - Cyprian - Melendor - Chao.

In my eyes speed trumps color synergy.

So the fast heroes are in the wings and the healers in flanking position.

Dont use Wu on defense. He is weak in that role.

Max Proteus asap. He is a game winner om offense, quests and events.

Forget the 5* work on your 3* and 4* heros first.

yellow: Finish Chao then Wu and the Li Xiu or Wu first if titans are important to you.

Red: Finish Boldtusk, Gormek, Scarlett

Blue: Finish Sonja, Gunnar, Valen Ulmer

Green: Finish Melendor, Belith, Berden

Purple: Finish Proteus!!! , Cyprian, Balthasar, Sabina

Wish you best of luck! :smile:

Do not feed off color as propose above!

The suggestion to feed off-colour was only in the specific context of lacking the mats to ascend Melendor… In that case, the small loss in feeding off colour makes sense.

And IMHO the suggestion to focus on hero’s that are way behind the curve (ie: Proteus, as good as he is) makes no sense…
Scattergun levelling has left OP with a bench that’s nowhere near as capable as it could be and should be - the solution to that isn’t to continue abandoning hero’s with more work done to focus on hero’s that are far less developed (even if they’re better heros, and Proteus is much better than Cyprian), the solution is to finish the ones that are on final ascension first.

Working on valen and Ulmer…also got now sumle and Bjorn from saved gems, and kashhrek from element summon…got a bit more to work w…but also thinking of getting hu Tao to 3-60 and have him in a corner and Li Xiu… working them all while also getting main team up…so I’ll have options, won’t be able to get any to tier 4 until I get a few more mats but even at 3-60 they can punish

Appreciate all the advice! Thx

Forget the second string!

Max the ones you have ascended FIRST.

Then think about who to work on next.

Leaving your strongest heroes alone to work on weaker ones has left you with lots of half-useful heroes.
Finish the ascended ones first. No exceptions.


How’s a Chao BT Cyprian Melendor Hu Tao team in that order? Hu Tao is at 3-50 but is still a tank… gives a hero who will hit all as well as a sniper then my counter attack flanked by 2 healer’s?

Melendor is too squishy for defence.
Hu maxed is okay, but slow mana on wings isn’t ideal.

At any rate, you’ve spent the mats to put Chao and Wu on tier 4…
They’re already more powerful than Hu, they’ll be useful to you in more areas of the game and once maxed they’ll be far more useful than they are now.
Working on anything else is depriving yourself of what you could have if you concentrate where you should.

Working on any other yellows is wasting your time and the materials you spent.
Those other yellows won’t be better until they’ve overtaken the two you’ve already ascended… But that’s a bunch of feeders you could’ve been using getting your strongest two towards max.

It makes no sense to work on any red that is not Boldtusk.
It makes no sense to work on any yellow that is not Chao or Wu.
It makes no sense to work on any purple that is not Cyprian.

Finish those 4.
Finish those 4 before you work on anything else in those colours.


Can you clear challenge events with 3* if not then :woman_shrugging:
seeing 3/60 alot yeah it’s good to have options to level also good to take one of each colour n level them. As your going to need mats for your 4*
Imo your all over the place in levelling
Get a bunch of 3* rainbow then work on 4+

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There are enough 3* heros to feed on green to not waste the feeders.

Proteus is for me the one exception to the rule since he gives your game such a boost that you will be able to get a lot more ascencion mats which will help you a lot in the long run!

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Have to agree with Bubbles on most points with the exception of Cyprian.
Go for Proteus first because he so much stronger and versatile than Cyp. Abd if you get the missing purple ascencion mats max him asap.

With a few exceptions dont put slow heros in the wings.

As Dudeius wrote dont forget the 3*.

The list I wrote for you was meant to be done in that order ( it is the way I would do it )

Good luck

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Yeah I’m getting my 3s up as well now to for event’s…and got Bjorn from Valhalla, he seems like a pretty op 3* but yeah I’ve focused alot on backup 4s for war’s …and left 3s behind…I’m now seeing how useful they are too.

Appreciate everyone’s advice!

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But got main team now with Sonya Kong Cyprian BT Chao to 3116tp within a few days of this post…now have one TC going tc2 the other 2 using tc11… spitting out a bunch of feeders and by later tonight should be going sh17 :smile:

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