Hero placement for raid defense

Hi guys. These are my current heroes that I have. I was just wondering if you had any advice on which heroes and positions to use for defense for defense for raids?



Thanks for the help!

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I’m trying to figure out best placement…here’s 2 of my strongest setups right now…if anyone has any input that’d help of appreciated it

i think sonya-wu-cyp-boldie-chao better than first.

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That now gives me a TP of 3079 for defense

Well had a guy in war with 3150tp hit my set-up of Sonya Kong Cyprian tusk and Chao in that order and although he busted my tank rest of the group’s Livin :smile: seems a good setup that way and got tp to 3100 focusing just on my ascended hero’s

good to hear that. boldtusk worth to get fighter emblem. for paladin, you can give cyprian emblem with health/def route.

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Since switching to using 2 TCS lvl11 and 1 TC 2 getting 72 feeders a day now have main TP with 3160, within 2 days up from 3039 doing alot better in raids

@OGdirty1Kanobi i missed this revival of yours but I’ll tack on some general defence positioning advice:


Appreciate this information thx!

Once I get that cape from Valor I can get Sonya to tier 4 or Arthur/Isarnia to 3 but probably will go Sonya…then I can have a full set of tier 4 4s although won’t have a full rainbow…but have 2 shields now after last quest…but I also now have kashhrek, I wonder if he’d be worth getting to 4 instead of Melendor…as him with Boldtusk would add sufficient healing and defense…and I’d still have Sonya to dispell buffs… we’ll see… Melendor is still pretty soft even at tier 4… kashhrek at even 3-60 is a tank