Defence and Attack team 4* heroes

Defence team

Attack team

Any suggestions about positions?

I alway wonder who to put where in team.

Hard to make suggestions without any real knowledge of the rest of your available heroes.

As for “who to put where” check out these guides by @D_DI


Thank you this will help.

Lots of good info already, but I suggest also considering stacking colours against tanks and flanks on offense, rather than attacking rainbow

Iam not playing long this game but for this time my opinion is that w
Ith good 4* heroes you can do a lot in fights.
Only need some advices
About positions of heroes.

About mono team I have good green team.
Good thing is if I get god board victory is my, but if board is bad than all is lost.

This is kind of discussion I have with some of mine teammates, regarding rainbow teams. While it’s quite possible to make a nice rainbow team relatively fast, with emblems and all, it takes forever to have 6 those teams for wars. Especially because you can’t emblem them all.
Strategic shift to some colour stacking (ex. 3-2) makes the whole process much faster. Very soon you can have 6 competitive teams for all flags.

Regarding your defence team, I’d switch places of Proteus and Boldtusk, due to Boldtusk buff, and better colour placement (red and blue on the left, purple yellow on the right Brynhild’s side).

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Thank you Slobix for advice.

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