Who to ascend?!?

Although I have one more question kinda off topic…but still curious…is the " conspiracy " that the higher the SH the better odds of getting 4s and 5s from pulls or just totally RNG? I know I saw ppl who started playing after me get 5s before me but a member got 2 Jean Francois this month lol just luck or is there any actual fact to this “myth”

SH level has no impact on summoning odds. It’s truly random.

There was a huge disparity in my house, where 3 people play this game - Me, my wife, and my son. We’ve played a year.

My wife - pulled 3 HOTM and Atlantis 5* in the first 3 months, and NONE since.

Me - Didn’t find ANY 5’s until 9 months in. Now I have 10. I should point out I spend $10 monthly or so, and neither wife or son does.

Son - 1 Year in, 25 leveled 4’s 32 leveled 3’s, never found a 5.


I’m now almost 5 months in if I remember correctly…I got alot of isshtaks and banes…but then I seemed to get lucky and pulled now 17 4s then at Avalon with gifted gems got Arthur and then at costume got Isarnia…
And today with saved gems (I did do a 30 day VIP) got kashhrek…so I’d say my luck seems good… definitely not complaining…I have more 4s then I can feed lol… pushing to sh20 but yeah in meantime using the 3x tc11 for the 36 hero’s a day with extra low cost

Ok lol guess I have one more question…now that I have tusk up to tier 4 how should I place my hero’s here’s how I’ve been doing it… should I change thier placing?

Or this one for max power

Why not rainbow? I prefer rainbow.
BT - Sonya - Cyprian - Chao - Melendor

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What @jinbatsu said.

Also if you can avoid it, try not to keep Wu Kong on defense.


I was just showing an option for a max tp usually I do the rainbow, but thx for the advice :smile:

Okay, and actually I level also in rainbow color project, so, if we stuck on wall in blue like Sonya, we can continue with Valen, Gunnar or Ulmer (those trio blue are great).

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Too passive - you need some attack in there too for defence, it’s too easy to knock over without some hitters in there to punch back.

More than anything, though, you’ve got some great hero’s ascended but you really want to get some of them maxed out - don’t split feeders between Chao and Wu, max one of them and then max the other once you’re done.

@jinbatsu suggested a much better defence.

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So then the Sonya and Chao combo with Cyprian center and tusk Melendor corners would be good? It’s was why I was gonna get gormek ascended but ppl kept saying to go with tusk…but I can get him to 3-60 as well as Li Xiu Scarlett and now w getting Proteus up as well…but guess I’ll also grind on one hero at a time until maxed then move to another…

Max the ones you’ve ascended, they’ll do much more than others at 3.60 will.

Feed colours to colours…

  • Reds to BT.
  • Purples to Cyprian (unless Proteus is on 4.x?).
  • Yellow to Wu, then Chao.

If you’ve ascended Melendor and/or Sonya then feed them their colours too… If not, tbh I’d feed the greens and blues to the three above.

Max Boldtusk, then max his costume (don’t use it, but the stats boost will turn him into a 4.5*), it won’t take long at all compared to doing another hero from scratch.

Feeding colours to the same colour gives a small boost… Which in the long term is worth it… But you want to make use of the mats you’ve already spent, so get those ascended hero’s maxed FIRST.
THEN start working on a second bunch of hero’s (could even be a mix of 3* and 4* if you don’t have mats to max the 4* - plus a couple of 3* teams will be vital for events).

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Appreciate it…no Proteus isn’t at 4 just got him to 2-16 but yeah I’ll focus now in BT maxed then Wu and Cyprian…once I get them maxed I’ll then get my other 4s to 3-60… But Also will make use of your advice and work on my 3s with thier colors…(have all TCs at or over 11 using tc11 for the 36 feeders a day)

I’d probably just get the second set of 4* hero’s (ie: 5 of them) to 3.60 for wars, events and light stacking…

Then do a set of 3’s.
Then max those 3.60 4* hero’s.

If you’ve got a decent stock of backpacks and plenty of recruits in your TC11’s already… Running one at TC2 and the rest at TC11 works great for getting more feeders without completely swamping you with food requirements to use them (especially as there’s no ascensions on the horizon for a few weeks!).

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Sounds good 2 TCS will be done doing TC 11 feeders in 2 days …in meantime I’m working on getting sh17 and my barracks up as well as Minions seems also to add a decent amount of power to team’s…again thx for the advice really appreciate it!

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And yeah 500 backpacks :smile: using TC 11 for last couple weeks gas gotten me a surplus

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It’s all just about planning…
If your farms are producing plenty of food, running TC2 a bit will give you feeders much quicker (you just need to farm eg: 8.7 to get more of them to keep it going, or take out of your TC11’s if you have enough in there - my 3 TC11 each have over 100 days to run).

Where you are right now, I’d do it just to get some maxed out - you don’t need to worry about stockpiling food for ascensions for a little while anyway, so it’s just producing feeders and using them that demands on your food.

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Yeah my farm’s are all LVL 16 so food isn’t an issue… even just raiding deep into gold tier and re rolling still have 450k food… probably won’t start sh17 for another couple days so I’ll get the one TC going on tc2 as you suggested :smile:

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Thx for all your suggestions in doing so and getting 2 capes after a successful war and using one tc2 I’m now omw to a deep set of 4s, was almost in platinum teir the other night and now my TP is even higher! :smile:

And should get that cape in valor so next blue I’ll upgrade will either be Arthur or Isarnia to tier 3…may go w isarnia as she’s devastating, just wanted a good team of 4s first, now if I get More shields I have to think either kashhrek or Melendor…but I’d lean more towards kashhrek as lol in our war a guy with kashhrek tank took alot to take out…

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