Pirates of Corellia heroes

Is there a hero from Pirates of Corellia challenge event worth keeping/aiming for? Just asking if it’s worth spending gems to obtain them. Thank you.

I have Captain Kestrel and use him alot. That said, I wouldnt put a ton of money in any of the events anymore.


There are heroes that could be good in some aspect but if you compare them with other event’s heroes Id say to keep your gems for other pulls.

There are no top heroes to aim for on this event, to me.


I love Sargasso… A staple on my monochrome team… Can finish two heroes at once and the healing restriction is super handy…

I like Peters. His silence is great for preventing pesky specials

  • Peters is quite good with his Silence.
  • Locke should be approached with caution raiding if you can’t negate her special, which is a real killer and she has great tile damage. I’ve never been in a position to level her, but I definitely would like to when I don’t have higher priorities, currently Greg and Tarlack.
  • Sargasso and Boomer aren’t bad, but also aren’t exceptional IMO. I took them both as fair as I could without spending trap tools, and they’re situationally useful there for later attacks in alliance wars, especially when stacking against a Guin tank.
  • Kestrel I don’t have, but when raiding against him he’s not worth extra concern beyond the same level of care and caution you’d give any other ordinary 5* hero.
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Personally I think season 2 with Atlantis summon destroyed all event heroes pulling. I mean what is the point to even try to pull some specific hero? There even is not increased chance to get them like it is in Atlantis summon. Panther? Guinevere? Red Hood? Rana? Nice to have but we see that replacements are coming. Different but still replacements.


As much as I agree with your post I disagree in one point:

Boomer (I don’t have him but raided him several times) is (for me) the most useless hero in the game. His stat distribution is incredibly bad and his special does nearly no damage. The defense buff also felt worthless most of the time. He is my #1 worst 4* hero in the game.


All the colorspecific debuff heroes are still insane for titans because they stack with normal debuff. There are no Atlantis heroes that can decrease armor by such a huge amount like Jackal, Falcon, Panther.

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You are totally right. If Jackal and Falcon you can somehow get then Panther is hard nut. Have to be very lucky or spend lot of money. I tried last time, did not get. 10 pull next time, no more.

Maybe you didn’t notice but I think it could be nice idea if they could increase chance to get event heroes. Atlantis summon has it, events also need same thing.


I this would only be the second time i have had the pirates. It was the event when i first started playing… i was awful at it.
Would someone please remind of the best 2 couple stack for it… i might be rubbish at it again depending on the stacks required

This link should probably be bookmarked

I typically double up on the mobs and add a 5th hero that is strong against the boss


Yes, Ill agree, he kinda sucks.

But, I don’t spend a whole lot on summons…my hero pool is limited. I pulled him on a titan loot coin during summons and later, subsequently maxed him. Now, I don’t use him often, but sometimes when tripling up on a yellow titan, or better yet, a yellow tank…he, in combination with Kiril/BT and/or a piece of the ramming pulverizer trio, and his fellow dark(s) can do substantial damage to an enemy team.

Every maxed hero can fill a niche or service a need. It really just depends on what type of account you’re playing (free vs cheap vs pay). So bottom line, I probably wouldn’t spend on any of these guys, but your experience may vary. :thinking:

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Ok so consensus is save my gems/epic hero coins for next event? I wish we could use our epic hero coin for the Atlantis heroes.

I have Sargasso from the last event he is still 1/1 :)) the only one witch i have lvled up and make use of is Peter who can be helpfull in war

The colour of choose and staking will be Yelow,Red and blue so you are looking for Grimm paks , gormeks and kelile , for interm , for rare maibe , banes paks and valens or maibe from the last event 3* team bearden and for the bigg 5* your choise , nothing fuss about , as the heroes are not the same caliber as the other events , so from my point of view will be the chase for mats and that is it …

And Peters got completely trumped by Hansel. If you didn’t get Hansel, though, Peters is still good.

Unlike Guardians, there are no “gotta have” heroes in Pirates. Locke is to me the most intriguing for raids and wars. Kestrel is solid, and Sargasso isn’t bad after his recent buffs.


I only have Sabina healer , can I use it? Team Sabina - Triton - BT - Sonya - Wukong. Will I have problems in reflecting with Sabina ??

Locke’s dispell is very handy.

You cant pull event heros with coins…

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