Advice on best way to spend gems this winter

Hi all.
As very c2p I’ve accumulated 6500 gems so far. I don’t have Wilbur or Proteus, I don’t have any 4*/5* heroes from Grimforest, Christmas or Guardians of Teltoc. Yesterday I spent 11 EHT getting some duplicates 3* and 4*.
So, what is the best way to spend gems? I was planning to do 10x pull in Atlantis and then 10x pull for Guardians. Also for Guardians I’ll have some challenge tokens (haven’t spend any during last event and will get more from Grimforest and Guardians themself). Doing both 10x pulls during Atlantis sounds boring, but maybe I should care about effectiveness.
My current roster includes all classical 4* + Triton and Gadeirus. My 5*: Joon, Quintus, Khagan, Horghall, Evelyn and Perseus (yes, I was extremely lucky during last month Atlantis (but still no Wilbur and no Proteus)).
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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I feel your thinking is along the right lines. I would also focus on Grimforest, Atlantis, and Guardians would be my targets (not necessarily in that order, just that’s the chronological order you’ll have chances at). It’s so hard to get a specific hero you’re ‘aiming’ for that I would focus on the heroes that would rate the highest at:

Most impact on your roster x likelihood of being summoned

You know your roster best, but the heroes that will score the best in that equation are probably teh four star ones. For that reason I think my focus would be Guardians: you’ll get a ton of usage out of Jackal and Falcon, against titans, in raids, and in war.

It’s harder to say what the next best option in. I can see the argument for Proteus and Wilbur, both of whom are undeniably great. The main knock on them is that you’ll have to roll a four star season 2 hero and then have it not be e.g., Gobbler. Grimforest with Hansel and Gretel may present better value.


I would focus on 4*s. If 5 star comes, it is a great bonus.
I would put priorities like this:

  • Will
  • Jackal
  • Proteus
  • Hansel
  • Falcon
  • Gretel.

So, I would probably recommend Atlantis summons as priority.


Personally wouldnt spend gems this month

Next month is the better spending of gems. Guardians and next months atlantis, are both more valuable than santa/mn and this months event heroes and the featured past hotm in atlantis this month and december current hotm is a heaping pile

Save for january.

Rack em up this month in decent deals, go balls out next month


I would focus on Guardians, as that has the most chance of paying off with outstanding and almost mandatory 4*s. Jackal or Falcon, or some new ones, should be far easier to acquire with a concerted pull effort and some okay RNG luck, vs. praying for ultra RNG luck with the other events. Jackal makes every yellow better. Falcon immediately improves your other reds.

Your lack of Proteus and WillyPete are the only caveats - so a split w Atlantis isn’t silly. But Atlantis is every month, and Guardians is more rare, so that’s where I’d focus first.

I’m high diamond and run mono and have a +20 Jackal that didn’t get moved when I got White Rabbit - Inari got moved out from the A team. Jackal is the real deal.

Falcon, when paired with other red multi-enemy hitters is also exceptional.

Whatever you choose, good luck!


You are in the same bot as me.

I am F2P With 5200 gems saved.

I am saving for at least 1x 10 pull at guardians. Then I am debating on an atlantis month or second guardians.

I spent 28 tokens on the Xmas event to get next to nothing (4 vanilla 4* and the rest 3*).

I wish us both luck!!


Focus on gurdians, falcon and jackal are used alwayes vs titans even by the whales. If u gotmlucky then later this month kunchen and zelina will be featured with posiedon so that a good time. To. Do an atlantis pull.

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Thanks for advice!
Guardians + Atlantis next month seem a way to go.

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Grmiforest has good heroes, but none of them are game changing. Hansel (4*) is probably the best of the group.

All of the Christmas heroes are great. I would at least try to get Buddy, who is currently a critical hero being the only green defense debuffer to date. He is also virtually a 5* hero and one of the best heroes to have for tournaments.

I would pull for Buddy and then hold the rest for Guardians or Atlantis.

And remember that you can wait until January and still pull for Christmas heroes. So if you would prefer a chance for Vela over a chance for Grimble, then wait until Jan 1. Also, you can use your tokens for Christmas pulls, so you may not need to spend gems there, if you’re lucky.

What a good point! I definitely need to max him then.

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