Looking for advice on team building

Hi. Been playing for about a month or so. Generally a minimal spender. My team now looks like this

Wu kong 3/60
Magni 3/52
Kassryk (?) 3/60
Boldtusk 4/70
Sabina 3/60

The only other 4* i have are

The rest are 3*s

Where would be the best place to spend gems (got about 1000 only tho)?
Also got a few hundred atlantis coins…

I feel i need to improve on green/nature. Maybe a striker at that slot. Any recomme dation would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Atlantis rise on thursday, great place to try your luck on summons, use up the coins and do some crazy farming for cheap.
I’ll let someone wiser answer the green heroe question.
Have fun, Atlantis is rising.

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Hello, @e-man, you have great starter heroes for a month playing IMO, congrat for that.

If I were you, I will spend gems for atlantis to get Proteus and Wilbur.
Also Altantis portal has bonus AM chest.
So, only use gems for atlantis. And use Hero Token for Seasonal event, next is Helloween and Christmas.

The rest you can get vanilla heroes from TC13/TC20.
Sonya, Scarlett and Colen is great heroes, so you still have to work while waiting mats.

Goodluck for summon altlantis on thursday (22 august 2019). :+1:


Hi, do you mean the gold epic hero tokens? Didnt realize you could save those up for seasonal events. I did get cohen and scarlet from those i spent tho…
Thanks for the tips.

Nice starting team you have there

Yes, and here is complete seasonal event:

  • Spring / Easter: Springville
  • Summer / June: Sand Empire
  • Autumn / Halloween: Return to Morlovia
  • Winter / Christmas: Santa’s Challange

Thanks for the advice guys!!

You have been playing for a month, minimal spender, and you got all of those heroes and coins? That’s insane bro.

About 1.5 almost 2 months now that i think about it… and i only bought the 30day vip pack. Guess i was a bit lucky with that magni pull on epic hero token.

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