New Pirates Event. Am I missing something?

So, the newly refurbished challenge event is coming out next Wednesday and I seem to be the only one excited about it. I saw Finley and thought he was and still is a great hero and a great reason for me to try my luck and pull him. I have also held a torch for Lady Locke and could use a green cleanser with high tile damage and monstrous DoT. Cap’n Kestrel is a fast multiple hitter that I could use on my Wilbur team in tandem with G. Falcon, so I wouldn’t turn my nose up at him either. I have Peter’s and will admit that the other two are the pits, but every challenge event has it’s black sheep, so I understand (I just hope I don’t get Sargosso or Boomer… fingers crossed). To top everything off though, KINGSTON is the HoTM this time around, and I’d much rather try and get him earlier with a chance at Finley and Lady Locke, rather than wait for Atlantis Rises and get a bunch of heroes that I’ll just feed away.

My question to the forum is… What’s wrong with the Pirate’s Event that has everyone so dismissive? Compared to Lady of the Lake and Black Knight, I’d gladly take Finley… I’m not even sure what the voodoo chick does, Finley is just that mesmerizing.

I know the Pirate heroes aren’t well respected but i thought new ones were being included this time?

I’m debating pulling for Pirates but I’m skipping Atlantis, too. I’m torn between Atlantis and the Halloween event because according to some players, Victor is the best hero and that’s when he’ll be available.

I have two Victor (one maxed, one at 1.17), and his ability is hit or miss against Guin, who he was intended to counter. He has great tile damage and his fast defense for all is pretty great, but he isn’t the best seasonal hero, imo. To better help assess your needs and give you further advice, what are you lacking that you desire Victor so much?

On my one profile I have no purple hitters, so I’m always looking for them. I have Proteus already so that’s why I’m skipping Atlantis.

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Well, If i were you, I wouldn’t bother with the vampires. Their initial attacks are quite weak. Where they shine is going to be their DoT and their health stealing. If you are gonna chase purple hitters, you’re better off chasing Sargosso or any of the Atlantis 5* purples.


I personally want Peters and whichever other pirate hero blocks health (don’t remember the name rn). I need a health blocker on my main. I have Jabbar on my alt. But that is about the only event hero I have across both profiles. I have never played the Pirates event before so the revamped one is gonna be my first. I am excited to be able to have a go at that event.

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I think Sargossa decreases the amount of health gained, but doesn’t completely stop it, but I’m not entirely sure.

Does anyone have a Sargossa card to add to this thread please?


@princess1 I would still try at the Atlantis Summon because there are some really good purple heroes aside from Proteus. Kageburado, Ursena, and on top of having a chance at all the vanilla purple heroes as well.

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'-80% healing

20 dumb characters


@AirHawk Thank you. -80% is pretty darn close to stopping health regen in my book.

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The problem I have is that it can be dispelled. If it were non-dispellable, he would be much better, imo. @Aunty_Krauser

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Great, now I’m more torn than before :joy:

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@princess1 When season 3 comes out next year, and most likely with it’s own currency if Atlantis is any indicator it is pretty much gonna be tear city.

I think the problem with pirates is that guardians came out right after and basically made the pirates heroes look like turds initially. Then the rest of the events came out with comparable and even better heroes. So everyone carried forth the pirates are turds mantra.

Time and experience seems to indicate that most of the pirates aren’t as bad as originally thought. I’ve gotten to play extensively in beta with them during and there are some solid cards in there, just no real gamebreakers (at least in the old guard).

I’ll do a 10 pull because a) never have on pirates b) new 3* is solid card and presuming I can at least get that c) chance at Kingston


Yeah, I’m in the same boat as a couple of you. Planning on doing a pirates 10 pull mostly because I never have before and because Kingston is in the mix for HoTM.

That said, I just plain don’t get event 5 stars unlike so many other players on here, and when I do they’re Guardian Kong… so… Who knows!? Maybe I’ll finally break my 5* event hero curse, but if I do it’s definitely going to be Sargasso.

Saving this thread so I can post my Sargasso later.

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I tried pretty hard to get Lady of the Lake last month, ended up with Grazul. Maybe that’s the same boat other players are in and the reason it seems they aren’t as excited :man_shrugging: For me I told myself that I’m now in gem hoard mode and will spend during the Christmas event. Also want to add that I finally got around to leveling Peters recently and that was a really good thing, helped immensely with the last trials. He’s the only Pirate or Vampire I have though.


I feel you. During Avalon, I tried for some, any event 5*, I got Sartana. She serves me well, not lying, but considering you can get her from TC20… And during Atlantis, again, I tried getting Alberich or Ariel or Aegir, instead got second Isarnia. Grazul would be nice too, as she is a 5* healer which I badly need, but did not get her either. I said screw that up and unless those TC20 start paying off (1.5% rate for 5* after 70 pulls or so) or Atlantis shows up with 4 featured healers I am not doing summons.

And pirates suck. Peters is okay, but I have 2 Hansels, so no point. Boomer is the worst 4* period, he was not a threat to me even when I had mostly 3*. Lady Locke is dangerous and Marie maybe too, but Finley got nerfed hard and two other 5* suck. So I will grind Challenge coins and spend them later during some better event.


I also plan to do a 10x max for pirates. have none, and mostly interested in peters (and finley - let us see how he looks at release). saved 18 EHT planning to spend on halloween, as I need a viable purple for my second set of tabards and hoping for victor… atlantis then solely the coins and topping up with gems to open the AM chest… all in all, peter, victor and kingston of course would be good. that is my plan for october… last month was good with LotL, Guin and Ariel joining my army…

Pirate is about the only event I don’t have hero and not for lack of trying…well I will try just this time…hopefully.

I don’t have any pirates but have always thought that Kestrel and Lady were worth having… Finley looks very good and I’m still hopeful for Marie just cause she’s such a cool character… having said that, I over pulled last month by a bit and I’ll be waiting to pull in new pirates when it comes back around the second time.