Pesky Titan team

I’m wondering if anyone’s run the numbers on a couple of questions regarding Green titans (Red stack).

On small sample size (10 runs a piece) I think I have my answer, but I’m kind of assuming that it’s right rather than run the numbers further.

Miki vs Tarlak.

Attack booster… BK vs Lancelot vs Boldtusk?!

For the moment, assume Wilbur and Falcon are fixed, as is Guardian Kong (my highest red attack stat).

So far it seems that Miki beats Tarlak despite throwing “weak” tiles - does this hold up to scrutiny?

It also seems that I get the highest scores with Lancelot in, despite the attack boost not going onto two teammates (Falcon and Miki, so only one relevant) but logically I would’ve expected Boldtusk to score highest for having the highest boost (unless hit whilst using BK) combined with the longest duration…
Lance gives the same boost and duration as Boldy but misses out one relevant teammate- I’d expected this to give lower scores despite his much higher attack stat, but it doesn’t seem to be playing out that way… Is it me?
(For reference, BT has CB but not many emblems, Lance has no emblems)

I did. Miki @ 4/80 would get blown up much faster than my Tarlak at 3/70. 5us, Miki typically could not get his special off before the titan would take him out with a slash attack. He also seemed to be target first by the Green titan almost every outing.


I’ve not noticed that to be the case particularly (mine are both maxed, unemblemed)

At the time, mine were Miki @ 4/80 and Tarlak @ 3/70. They are both emblemed now. Only Miki has emblems on him. I find Miki works better for most titans.

Miki >>>>> Tarlak

Maths here: Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle

Tarlak only really beats miki on blue titan (green team); and even then he has to be maxed out.

Pick the one that gives the highest attack boost %. Their individual attack stats are small enough that it doesn’t outweigh the attack stat % increase granted.

  • BK = 45% (plus beserk);
  • Normal Boldtusk = 48%;
  • Costume BT = 30%;
  • Sir Lancelot = 48% (but 3 only)
  • Shadereave = 30% AND 30% Crit Chance

Of these, Shadereave is actually the best (thanks to the crit chance buff); HOWEVER, BK has a lot going for him in that he has the taunt (helps with survival) and also beserk (so the attack buff becomes 65% after 1x hit.)

Info about crit chance: Critical Damage - A Short Guide to Understanding

TLDR rough maths is that crit damage = double damage; 30% increase is equivalent to a ~90% attack buff for strong tiles; in addition to the +30% normal attack buff

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I agree with @Guvnor. Now that my Miki has emblems, I use him for are titans except Blue. I should have mentioned that in my post. My Tarlak has no emblems yet as I only use him for Blue titans. I should have updated my post accordingly. Sorry about that.

I don’t have BK, but I suspect if you pair him with Wilbur for shared damage, his buff would go mental very quickly. BK would have to be the best buffer for that reason