G.Falcon vs Boldtusk

Hi guys, what are your thoughts about G. Falcon and Buldtusk for a red team that includes Wibur and Scarlett? I can only chose one but I’m not sure if the +48% damage makes up for the extra -54% defense debuff of G. Falcon.

Both good, but Boldtusk is better, and it’s not close.

I went with G. Falcon. Wilbur -44% and -54% fire debuff stack. Also you can replace Boldtusk with dragon flags, or Khiona type hero. That stack-stack is crazy against titans.

I was playing with Gormek and Falcon(not ascended) just to see how it works and notice that an increase of about 44% in damage when stocking the two specials which makes me think that a combo of Gormek and Buldtusk(+48% attack) would be better and thats not considering the higers attack stats of Buldtusk vs Falcon

I use Wilbur + Falcon more often than Boldtusk on offense when stacking 2 reds. All 3 on green titans. Wilbur + Boldtusk on Purple Titans (to complement Viv, Wu & Jackal). I use Boldtusk on D.

Those 3 are my only maxed reds.

Thats cool! I wonder how you do on Challenge Events with those three. That’s kinda the reason I’m indecisive

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Falcon is a must for challenge events if you run a red team. -54% defense to red is a huge damage buff since it more than doubles your output on the affected targets.


Any elemental defense down is a must imo. Having each color of defensive down, plus same elemental down will increase your titan scores, your event scores, raid, etc and more useful i think. Ex. you raid with G. Falcon, and have a red sniper, boom night night forever.


Agreed. Incredibly useful in a number of situations.

Thank you very much for the advice!
Now that you mentioned sniper heroes, I read somewhere here that specials like those do the same damage no matter what color you’re hitting; like a ramming pulverizer is a ramming pulverizer but…

If its a (red) color debuff, then the (fire) specials and red tile damage do -54% dmg.

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