Valhalla Forever - Optimum Levels for Farming

Unlike Atlantis Rising, the loot doesn’t increase during Valhalla Forever. It’s just at lower world energy plus a chance at gnomes

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Gnomes and World Energy

Rumor from Beta, very few people Beta tested gnome appearance rate on the official forums

Reused Coding

Still a good chance SGG just reused the AR dragon code


SGG may have adjusted the rate per WE

World Energy

If it is like AR dragon, the appearance of the VF gnome rate is based on energy spent per manual run / auto play run / per loot ticket

More WE spent, higher appearance rate

This has been confirmed by players for AR dragon

Most likely to encourage using energy flasks and loot tickets

Same World Energy

If it is like AR dragon, the appearance of the VF gnome, for stages with the same WE and same difficulty, stages with lower number of mobs have a lower chance

But the difference is very, very small

So almost always better to pick based on

World Energy


number of recruits ( SGG is weird about resource loot drops ),

1* / 2* loot drops,

how fast you can farm it,

how many loot tickets / energy flasks you are spending,

1* / 2* troop drops


Average number of mobs per run

Maximum Gnomes

If it is like AR dragon, only the Devs know how to maximize VF gnomes

Lack of Transparency

As Far As I Know, the Devs gave no information about VF gnome appearance rate

Even if the VF gnome appearance rate is identical, the Devs very careful answered questions to hide several critical factors about AR dragon appearance rate


Higher WE per run means higher chance per run

Hard mode has higher WE per run than same stage in Normal mode

Hard mode has a higher chance per run for the SAME STAGE in Normal mode


Hard mode stage ( Ex: 2.1-1N for 7 WE)

has SAME WE as a

Normal mode stage ( Ex: 2.27-10N for 7 WE )

do they have the same chance or different chance?

Daily limit

Do not forget, unlike AR dragons, VF gnomes have a daily cap ( see notes )

So do not waste WE after the cap


Click for notes


From 2021-February


High level player @Pois1


Unknown Graphic

Elemental chests

Unknown graphic

Coin, recruits or loot

Daily Cap



Valhalla Forever Loot rolls

As a general rule, loot rolls are tied directly to World Energy

Especially ascension items, and ingredients ( see notes )

3 WE

So if you just want to get ascension items, or ingredients,

3 WE Valhalla stages ( 50% WE discount ) are probability best

2x total bonus loot rolls ( ascension items and ingredients ) per 1 WE due to WE discount ( 6 WE / 3 WE )


Best kits/ backpack per energy during VF should be VF.11-xN ( see below 4 WE )

VF special event kit nerf, 4 WE, 8 WE

VF special event kit nerf

province 1-9 are usually the 6 WE provinces in a Map Season

Provinces with 6 WE usually become 3 WE during each Map Season’s special event

So you usually want the best Adventure kits/ backpacks in provinces 1-9

So it looks like Adventure kits/ backpacks ( see tool tab for increased chance )


Boosted for AR ( Season 2, Province 1*** )

***= 1 is inside 1-9 plus AR includes a +50% loot bonus

regular for Underwild Descending ( Season 4, Provinces 2**, 24, 29 )

** = 2 is within 1-9 assuming VF is the model for UD

nerfed for VF ( Season 3, Province 11*, 26, 32 ),

*= 11 is outside 1-9

4 WE

Best kits/ backpack per energy during VF should still be VF.11-xN since it is the cheapest WE ( 4 WE ) that still has an increased chance of kits/ backpack ( effectively 14x kit loot rolls ) and 1.75x total bonus loot rolls per 1 WE due to WE discount ( 7 WE / 4 WE )

8 WE

For loot tickets you might consider VF.11-xH ( 8 WE ) which has an increased chance of kits/ backpack ( effectively 33x kit loot rolls ) but only has 1.375x total bonus loot rolls per 1 WE due to WE discount ( 11 WE / 8 WE )


Stages VF.11-xH

have effectively more kits/ backpack loot rolls ( +17.85 % effectively kit loot rolls )


less total ACTUAL loot ( -21.42 % total actual loot [ ascension item loot rolls, ingredient loot rolls, food and iron ] ) than

Stages VF.11-xN


Click for notes


Example from AR for kits / backpacks

Loot rolls

Example for Season 1 and 2


Did not update for Season 3 or 4


Not AR but demonstrates how loot rolls can work




Reposting for smartphones and future reference


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VF.8-10N auto play farming recruits ( 14,15,16 per 3 WE )


Valhalla Forever, Province 8, Stage 10, Difficulty Normal ( VF.8-10N )

Recruits are always ( 14,15,16 per 3 WE - during VF )

Ingredient loot rolls* = 9,10,11 per 3WE during VF

Ascension item loot rolls* = 6,7,8 per 3 WE during VF

*= Based on Atlantis map, double check after VF

Thanks @gregschen and @BarryWuzHere

Team for auto play

b.Vivica 5* 4.80 ( cleanse, heal )
Proteus 4*+18 ( mana freeze )
c.Chao 4*+01 ( thorns, mana steal )
Hansel 4*+01 ( SS protection, mana ailment )
b.Rigard 4*+18 ( cleanse, heal )

Thorns= Thorn minions ( Druid class )
SS protection= defense buff against Special Skills

b= base, no costume
b+= base, costume bonus
c= costume equipped

Team slots 1 & 5

Normally I place the two least sturdy heroes in slots 1 & 5

But enemies have Special skills with Target, and nearby, mana freeze

Placing Cleansers in slot 1 & 5 makes it impossible for a single enemy special skill to use mana freeze on BOTH cleansers and a 1 in 5 chance it hits ZERO cleansers

See also

Click for VF gnome



VF recruit per WE

Click for Table
Stage VFRpWE recruit N WE VF WE Wv MpW MpBW MpR Special Note about Stage
VF.8-10N VF x5.0 14,15,16 6 WE 3 WE 4 Wv EM03 B03 12 Elite Mob mana freeze
VF.10-7N VF x5.0 14,15,16 6 WE 3 WE 4 Wv 3,4 B03 12-15 Frostfang mana freeze
VF.6-3N VF x4.66 13,14,15 6 WE 3 WE 3 Wv 3,4 B03 9-11 -
VF.9-3N VF x4.0 11,12,13 6 WE 3 WE 4 Wv 3,4 B03 12-15 -

VFRpWE= VF Recruits per World Energy
Recruits = Possible recruit drops
N WE= Normal World Energy
VF WE= VF World Energy
Wv = Waved
MpW= Mobs per Wave
EMx= x = number of Elite Mobs
MpBW= Monsters per Boss Wave
MpR= Monsters per Run

VF Province 1, Difficultly Normal ( VF.1-xN)

Normal WE= 6
VF WE= 3

Click for Table
Stage VFRpWE recruit Wv MpW MpBW MpR Special Note about Stage
VF.1-3N VF x3.33 9,10,11 3 Wv 3,4 B03 9-11 -
VF.1-2N VF x3.33 9,10,11 3 Wv 3,4 B01 7-9 -
VF.1-6N VF x3.33 9,10,11 4 Wv 3,4 B01 10-13 -
VF.1-4N VF x3.0 8,9,10 4 Wv 3,4 B03 12-15 -
VF.1-5N ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Values same as VF.1-4N
VF.1-7N ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Values same as VF.1-4N
VF.1-8N ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Values same as VF.1-4N
VF.1-1N VF x2.33 6,7,8 3 Wv 3,4 B03 9-11 -
VF.1-9N VF x3.0 8,9,10 3 Wv 3,5 B01 7-11 1st Wv alert
VF.1-10N VF x3.33 9,10,11 4 Wv EM03 B03 12 EM buff dispel immunity

VFRpWE= VF Recruits per World Energy
Recruits = Possible recruit drops
N WE= Normal World Energy
VF WE= VF World Energy
Wv = Waved
MpW= Mobs per Wave
EMx= x = number of Elite Mobs
MpBW= Monsters per Boss Wave
MpR= Monsters per Run
1st Wv alert= Depending on RNG, and team, first wave can be difficult for auto play


VF.6-3N Autoplay team

Valhalla Forever, Province 6, Stage 3, Difficulty Normal ( VF.6-3N )

Click for team

3870 TP,

Melendor b.4*+18,
Boldtusk b^4*+18,
Rigard b.4^75+18,
Boril c+4*+1,
Wilbur 4*+1,

b.= base hero, no costume
b+= base hero with costume bonus
b^= base hero with maximum costume bonus
c+= costume and costume bonus
X^Y+Z= Rarity/ Stars X LB Level ^Y Class +Z example b.4^75+18


See also

Click for see also


(Recruits, Atlantis rising, VIP pass loot tickets and It's Raining Loot Tickets!- Coin rate is unknown- Updated with best Kits/ Backpack stages - Average 100 dragons per 6,000 WE - #68 by Gryphonknight)


(Valhalla Forever - Optimum Levels for Farming - #57 by Gryphonknight)


(UD Province 1 & 2, Difficultly Normal ( UD.1-xN & UD.2-xN ))



Loot tickets

Because VF does not get AR’s bonus loot,

For VF.8-10N, you can use 66 WE at a time in loot tickets with maximum recruit storage ( ( 352 / 16 ) * 3 )





That was the last time I was farming here I think… It’s a joke and I don’t enjoy in wasting my time. :joy:


Even though, I use more WEFs in Atlantis, I find Valhalla Forever is brilliant for mainly:

  • 3* & 4* : Crafting items like - Nuggets, GrimoireD, MidnightR, Lumber, DragonB
    = I collect a lot by doing about 600 WE over the period. That is 360 free WE + 4 flasks @ 60 WE.

  • Bones, Ores, Iron are also welcome.

  • Gnomes give additional stuff = a welcome benefit.

  • about 720,000 XP = better efficiency than Atlantis.

So overall VF is good AND I do mainly 1.01 & 1.02 in speedy auto play !


20 characters Rare chests

Holy / Yellow, 14- 17, 3 WE, 5.166 per 1 WE, VF.8-6N



This image is indeed very very useful and handy @Gryphonknight thanks so much for sharing it.

But I’m wondering if there is any chance anyone could pin it to the start of the thread? This would save a lot of time having to scroll through the posts to find it - I’ve also just cleared a green elemental chest thanks to this, but did spent some time looking for it though.

Is there a tag for all mods? don’t want to just burden one mod :stuck_out_tongue: @moderators

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([Etiquette, Speed] Fastest, and most polite ways, to get moderator/ staff attention OR flag for moderator/ staff attention, modify / delete a custom flag, `@moderators` disabled, Tag for fun [ posted for smartphone users and future reference ])


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oh boy, why did you quote me partially, made it sound like I have the intention to burden when the intention behind is not to burden. lol.

well you’re welcome and thanks for sharing, guess I’ll just flag the post instead.

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This has been floating around our Line groups. I don’t know the source so apologies for not giving credit.



Unless something changed when I retired, and came back,

Adventurer’s Kits

All the Hard levels

Jump out as not correct



(Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more)

Loot rolls

(Interesting Discovery re: Map Loot- Loot rolls for ascension items and ingredients)



edit, Forgot Devs made VF kits more complicated than necessary

Math, More Math, and Even More Math

see also


Should highlighted be 6-1N ?

My personal favorite is 9-8H. I read somewhere that gnomes/Atlantis coins are more frequent on Hard then normal. This I always play hard. Plus hard gives you more loot

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Empires & Puzzles Valhalla Forever HELP ME

This is going to be very useful, thank you.

Every time Valhalla and Underwild come about, I forget which levels I farm, so this is good haha, thanks

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