Who would get the Paladin emblems

I have Ares +4 but he is not getting any action with me.

I am thinking of switching out his emblems to others:

Who would best fit the role of my Paladin? And yes, I wonder why the rest of them are all blue.

for me I would pick the one you use the most. That is how I assign mine.

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Frida as a blue tank or flank, if the other flank also was blue. Arthur should be second flank. Do you have a green tank?

No true green tank.

I have used Margaret / Evelyn / Lianna to a certain extent at tank since I always switch my tanks around.

Frida is just so-so at tank for me.

I basically use Frida for offense most of the time.

What speaks against Ares?
Surround him by two green hitters and fill the wings with additional health…

She would be my choice if I had her.

My paladin emblems are on Sonya for now awaiting a better option. I have Richard at 70 but he wouldn’t be a game changer or fit anywhere. So my 8 scopes and emblems are awaiting a better home.

Ares is not threatening enough on defense.

On offense, he only heals the flanks and alot of times I am stranded with my middle 3 while my wings are dead. The nicest thing about him are the critical hit buff.

I have recently replaced Ares with BT. Seems more workable for me.

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Evelyn Frida Ares Arthur Lianna

The blue stack against Ares will be weak to the non healed wings and you’ll have elemental synergies of green and blue.

You can try both Ares and Boldie to check what works best for you.

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I wold put even Evelyn as Ares’ flank. The faster she fires, the better it is.
She could destroy her previous targets just by autoattacks thanks to Ares’ buffs.

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So keep the emblems with Ares?

Yes, try to bring all up to 4 and your favs further…

Let me add this: consider Falcon (if you have him). He’s sneaky awesome on titans and attack for war/raiding/tourneys. I started with Ares (he’s +4) and then I got Falcon and never looked back. Not gonna pull the emblems off ares - hes on my raid/war defense, but moved off him as soon as I pulled falcon.


I have Falcon with no emblems

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