Sonya* or Frida?

Sorry for the slightly clickbaity title, but I’m debating Paladin tokens and would like a second (or third) opinion.

Currently outfitting Ares with tokens, but maybe I should put that on hold for Sonya? But is Sonya even worth doing when I have a Frida?

Everybody’s maxed already, so that’s not the issue.

And here’s my noteworthy paladins for reference:

Ty for looking all!

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Frida or Richard, but not Sonya. Sonya is a 4* you’ll soon leave on the bench more often than not.


If i had the chance of having any of your 5* paladins options, Sonya wouldn’t be that high emblemed.
She is my only one though and i love her! She really is sturdy and can take some hard pounding before going down!
But Frida is on another level and she does everything Sonya does, but way better :grin:


In some fairness, Sonya is better against riposte heroes. She can aim to a non-buffed hero and take down the riposte on everyone. There’s no 5* that can do that.


You are right about the riposte. Less risky with Sonya.

And i just calculated. If i ever want to spend the 3M food and 2,5M iron to emblem my Sonya to +20, she will have an incredible 891 defense.
655 - 891 - 1113 !!
With 25% chance of adding another 20% defense.

I am well tempted to do it, looking at those numbers :eyes: :flushed:


Well I don’t need to give her emblems for that.

Also she spends a lot of time on my bench already. She usually only comes out in wars and 4-1 raid stacks, but now that I have a second 4/70 Kiril and am embleming the first one, that’s even a little more questionable.

There’s nothing wrong with Sonya, and I have a friend who is embleming her out to good effect. I just have better options.

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Based on your comments, I’d suggest Frida. She debuffs 3, granted after she hits but she has more defense.

Main reason is Frida has the element defense down which is key vs titans and she’ll make your blue stack (Richard and Sonya) much stronger.


No question…Frida. I’ve got her and she’s great, almost have enough emblems to take her to 8 and no regrets.


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