Ares or Frida: who deserves the paladin emblems?

Hi guys!
I can’t decide which of these two heroes deserves the paladin emblems! They both look very good :confused:

The one on your defense or whom you use more often or both.


Frida. More overall uses in my opinion.

I use frida most of the time so I chose frida. I have ares just about maxed but I’ll continue with frida till shes done most likely.

Errr, Falcon. But that wasn’t sn option given…


Ares if he’s your D tank.

If Ares isn’t your tank but you run 3/2, 4:1 or mono, go w Frida. If you run rainbow, Ares.


I don’t use ares for defense, onlu for titans and pve

Whoever you use more. I use Ares on raid D, war D, 3/5 titan colors, 4/5 raid attack teams. So it was an easy call considering I use Frida on 1 titan attack and 2 raid attack teams.

In that case Frida is the better choice. Ares is already sturdy enough without emblems, so giving them to a great hero who who deals damage is a priority.

Out of curiosity, would you favor an offensive path for Frida? She’s above average in attack, but her class talent leans defensive.

I have my Frida on a defensive route.

The most important part of frida for me is her elemental def down (both for raids when I am stacking and titans when I am mono).

So keeping her alive for a very long time is a top priority for me.

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I have her going offensive. I normally pair her with kiril and grimm. I hit 3 with frida then destroy them with grimm.

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